Namie’s new single – Break It/Get Myself Back

Yes, Namie Amuro has once again come out with her new single album!!! I’ve heard the 2 songs,  Break It and Get Myself Back, and they are alright. Actually i prefer her slow song “Get Myself Back” alot more, and i love her summery look with the floral dresses in the MV. The melody was really soothing at the start and over all, it gave me a happy and relaxed vibe. Unfortunately, i don’t understand Japanese but her beauty is enough for me to admire, lol. Below are the album covers for her CD and CD+DVD. She looks absolutely “kawaii ne” (it means cute in Japanese)!!! :D



Get Myself Back MV

Photo Source

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2 responses to “Namie’s new single – Break It/Get Myself Back

    • CinZilicious

      omg, ur right, she looks totally gorgeous in the Gisele mag:)she never fails to impress me. i totally adore her, been a big fan since i was in middle school, lol. And thanks for stopping by my blog=D

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