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September Love 2013

Sept Love 2013Catching up with an old friend over red wine at Al Pasha, while I watched the sparkling lights decorated on the trees from a distance, just like small shiny stars smiling back at me.  BFF being ever as sweet and surprised me with a birthday cake during our afternoon brunch at the Cafe Gray Deluxe Hong Kong. A sunny day was the start to a lovely lunch buffet with the family at the Royal Garden Hotel, as my brother and sister were in town. The endless row of delicious blueberry cheesecake, mousse cake, hazelnut chocolate cake, pies, mochis, ice cream, and chocolate fondue was enough to get me hyped up.

Taking the ferry from Central Star Ferry to lamma island with a friend for a short get away from the busy city. The trees, beaches, ocean, and slow walks around the island are some of the favored activities whenever i go to this island. Mid Autumn festival had arrived, where beautiful lanterns were displayed across the city and moon cakes were visible everywhere. My gorgeous and stylish birthday gift from my two BFFs,  a Marc by Marc Jacobs leopard print scarf, is surely to keep me warm throughout the winter days.

Discovering a new Italian restaurant with my brother, sister, and some friends in Tsim Sha Tsui. The night was filled with endless laughters as red wine was poured into the glasses, and it almost felt like everything was singing in a symphony. A cross over between Garfield and Panda figures caught my attention in the shopping mall and it’s such random creative things that brings out the character of this city. Going on an adventure after work and changed to a new route to the train station, and only to find what beauty that awaited me. The night view of Hong Kong seen from another angle. Sometimes change can be good after all.

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my September Love 2013.


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March Love 2013


Attending my fave J-pop, Namie Amuro’s 20th Anniversary Asia Tour, her first concert ever in Hong Kong. The night was filled with dancing, jumping, along with singing and screaming to her old 90’s classic songs such as “Can you celebrate?”, “Respect the power of love”, “Say the word”, and many more. Celebrating a dear friend’s birthday on a relaxing weekend over Italian food, and surprised her with a birthday dessert platter. Friday night drinks with friends in town from Canada, accidentally discovered this stylish and chic bar, Lily & Bloom, that serves exotic and extraordinary cocktails!

Getting my hearty and healthy breakie back on track at work, with raspberry yogurt mixed with blueberries, strawberries, and pumpkin flax granola. Trying out my new cosmetics, the Jill Stuart custard lip pot (#C4, chocolat custard) to welcome spring time! Gently I blend this in with a clear gloss to give that extra shine. Doing a bit of good deed and contributed to World Vision for charity.

Spotted this cute floral summer dress and knitted cardigan, and got it in a heart beat for my friend’s recent new born baby girl. Started picking up on reading again. My current read is “the kite runner” and the occasional “fifty shades of grey” for my lazy read days. Spring shopping in H&M and got myself this sleeveless burgundy top with gorgeous lace detailing on it.

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people I love and care for. You are my March Love 2013.


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May everyday be Valentines…

calenderI know this post is late by a day but as i always say, better later than never right?  So i just wanted to say a happy belated valentines day to all of you out there, whether you’re a singleton or with your beloved other half, I hope your Valentines day was filled with love, joy, kisses, and lots of happiness!!!

 To add a bit more of fun into valentines day or any other day if you like, here are some sweet little things that you can do with your other half. Hoepfully this goes to show that sometimes you don’t need to do anything fancy or big to feel the love, as long as you got each other. And the best part is that you can do all of the following things below, whether you’re in a relationship or is as single as can be. Happy Valentines day everyone!!!


Wear your favorite perfume and let the scent do it’s magic. I always believe a scent says a lot about a person and its has this power to bring out the confident, feminine, and sexual side of you. Just a quick breeze of a familiar perfume scent is enough to ignite certain memories from the past. It could be that first Chloe perfume that i got gifted a few years back for my birthday, and it’s been my fave ever since.


I don’t know about you but i’m sure all the macaron fans out there will agree with me. There’s nothing where a box of lovely and colorful Laduree macarons that can’t help sweeten up a lady’s heart and her taste buds in an instant. A box of these lovely sweet treats is certainly to win many hearts away. If you are on a budget, you can also consider macarons from other brands or bakeries. There are some  quite good ones out there if you really look.


Whether you got another half or you’re single, flowers, such as roses, are a great way to brigthen your day. I love roses and they always make me smile. For the singletons like moi, go out and buy a single rose or a bouquet of roses, or any type of flowers that you like, it is entirely up to you. Not only will they bring out such warmth and beauty to your home, but you can also turn them into dried flowers and do a DIY project, such as putting them in a pretty frame and hang it.

Strawberries dipped in dark chocolatetumblr_mhvbbsplzc1rm3soio1_1280_large

Not so much of a flower person? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Fresh and healthy strawberries dipped in devililicious dark chocolate is gonna make you want more. And eating dark chocolate has even proven to have health benefits, such as boosting your mood or  feeling less stressed, when taken in moderation. So feel free and indulge in those bouquets of strawberries dipped chocolate without a guilt in the world, for a day  or two at the most, hehe.

Valentines Nail Arttumblr_mi18vgMNbd1qbiu5fo2_1280_large

Getting your nails done in Valentines themed design is another way to bring out the love spirit in you. Bring out  all the love colors, the hot pink and hot red is the way to do it. And if you fancy a bit of creativity, you can add hearts, lips, ribbons, or anything you want on your nails. It’s a day where you can be girlie without feeling out of place.

Receiving flowers amor-awn-flowers-love-Favim_com-620458_large

If you’ve got that special other half, be sure to dress your best whilst you wait anxiously for that moment when your Mr. Right to turn up with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and gives you a passionate kiss. Once you go home, remember to put your lovely flowers into a lovely vase where they belong. The rest…well, i guess i don’t need to tell you what to do right?;)

Movie nighttumblr_mcu99yHb8Z1rv8ieso1_500_large

What other way to celebrate Valentines night then cuddling up with you other half and watching a romance comedy for  a chilled night. This is for the budget conscious couples and singletons out there though, i have to warn. One of my faves sappy movie as a kid was “My Girl”. Whatever movie you fancy, make sure you prepare a box of tissue because we are bound to shed some tears.

Sweet treatscupcakes

Baking your own dessert, such as cupcakes or cakes for Valentines day, is another way to express your love. Try to add more pink and red in the color scheme, and you can even add heart sprinkles or make your own heart paper name tags if you like. Of course, if you are not much of a baker, you can always turn to the safer and lazier option, go to a bakery that you’ve been wanting to visit for a long time and see what pretty gems awaits you there.


There is no reason for when a lady wants to glam up and the same goes on this extra special day. Make that extra effort on Valentines day to make your Valentine’s heart jump a beat. Put on some shimmery or glossy lip gloss to add some tease to your smile. He will be ready to kiss those passionate lips of yours in no time. Most importantly, you will feel prettier from the inside and the outside. It is  the smallest things, such as a lipgloss at times, which is all we need to feel a difference.

Creativity notebooks

The expression of love can be in many forms, and one form that i enjoy is through words. Take out those lovely notebooks that have been in hiding and covered in dust, and write down a sweet poem or love quote that you remember or saw from somewhere. Writing such sweet words or even memories of the present and past is a way to keep the memories ever lasting.


Last but not least, you have to remember the “love” word. Love is something that cannot be missing in any type of relationship, be it friendships, lovers, or families. Always remember to cherish your loved ones and embrace each moment that is given to you everyday. Enjoy some relaxing and quality time with your other half and try to find that happiness between the two of you, the happiness just like that very first moment you both laid eyes on each other.

May everyday be a Valentines day for you.


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January Love 2013

Jan 2013

Finally managed to get a taste of my very first box of macarons from Laduree in Hong Kong, thanks to my dearest BFF who surprised me with them one night. You should had heard my “omg” shriek, hehe. Catching up with a good friend over red velvet cupcake and a mocha at Brick Lane after a very filling Shanghainese dinner. Adding some nail fun with my new American Apparel nail polishes to kick off those cold winter days. Love the golden “Meteor Shower” glitter nail polish!

Walked passed Harvey Nichols whilst taking a walk during lunch hours, and was in love with this gorgeous giant Miss Dior perfume shown on their window display. Stocked up on some crafty decorative tapes to add onto my stationary collection. Finally got my lovely and fave Chloe eau de parfum back in my perfume collection and oh my, how i have missed you sooo dearly. You will always be my fave.

Last min shopping spree and got this golden snake necklace and leopard peplum top for my company annual safari themed dinner party, where i was MC’ing away in Ms. Leopard style. Received these ever as cute flower balloons from a colleague who was leaving our company, such a sweet gesture. Celebrated a good old friend’s belated 30th birthday and enjoyed a “Fallen Angel Chocolate Bath” dessert, which was a chocolate cake with whipped cream and a shot of espresso to pour over it, super delish!

I am blessed for each and every day that was filled with love, fun, laughters, and sharing special moments with people i love and care for. You are my January Love 2013.


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Marc Jacobs afternoon tea at Mo Bar

Mo Bar at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong  is renowned for their afternoon teas in collaboration with well known designer brands around the world. So you can imagine my excitement when my dear friend and i had arranged to go try out their September month limited edtion Marc Jacobs afternoon tea, as part of my belated birthday celebration. 

The inspiration behind this comes from the fashion brand’s The Lindy, which is the Large single from his Autumn 2012 collection. All the textures, colors, and visual elements were all inspired from the handbag and i have to say, i was pleasantly pleased with the afteroon tea set. For tea, i ordered my usual fave Earl Grey and it was unlimited refill, which is ideal for those that can sit for hours chatting away,  and yes, that would be me.

The lemon and raspberry macaron was just right in taste between the sourness and sweetness, and the texture was not too hard or too soft so it was just perfect. My fave was the ribbon lookalike cake and it tasted like some berry mousse cake where it was not too mushy, which is good as i don’t like desserts that are overly mushy.  

The chocolate cake was pretty basic like any chocolate cake but it was very rich and sweet. I forgot what the blue drink was but it tasted like guava, which was a good way to compromise with my taste buds with the other overly sweet dishes. I especially liked how it had these small bits of transparent fruit pieces in the drink, giving a more exotic edge to it. The panna cotta layered cream jar was relatively okay  but nothing too spectacular, just the usual panna cotta berry flavor. Lastly on the scones, i did not like how they tried to play a modern twist to it in terms of it’s look, and it was quite dry.

As for the savory dishes, i really enjoyed the ham mousse round buns, it had a funny appearance yet very apetitizing. The ham mousse was not too salty and it was exquisitely delicious when combined with the outer bread bun eaten together. The mini sized beetroot flavored ravioli was suprisingly also very refreshing in taste and the slight sourness of it was very interesting, considering i’m not a big fan of beetroot. The round mashed salmon bread and cucumber with cream cheese bread was also fairly ordinary but still very yummy.  

The ambiance of Mo Bar is quite casual yet stylish  and it’s definitely a place i will go again with my friends. My friend and i got seated at the bar area but i personally didn’t mind it as i got to see what was happening behind the scene at the bar so that added a bit more fun to the whole experience.

The bar area was very stylish in its look and there was this massive fridge in the center for all the beverages with a mirror in the ceiling, which i thought was amazing how they used a fridge as a design center point.

 Before we left, we were lucky enough to get 2 gift coupons where we got a Marc Jacobs necklace with a heart shaped pedant and you can even open the heart.  It was definitely a perfect way to end a perfect afternoon!!!

Have you ever been to any designer branded afternoon tea before and if so, how was it? I would love to hear about it all.

Photos accredited to me


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My sweet 30th!!!

It has been a while since i last blogged but i just thought i would drop by and let you all know that i’m back from Europe and that i had a lovely trip, where i got to celebrate my big 30th birthday with all my families back home in Denmark!!!

It was truly a memorable and joyous day filled with laughter, joy, delicious food, which included our must have traditional Danish birthday cake that was decorated with tons of Danish flags, and most importantly, all my lovely families that were there to spend this special day with me. I’m already missing everyone so dearly, especially my 3 little cutie pies, my nephew and nieces!!!

Anyhow, just a quick update but i will be back very soon to update you all on my lovely adventures!!! Take care for now and have a happy mid autumn festival for those that celebrate this festive Asian celebration:)

Photo accredited to me


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High tea’ing at the Ritz

I have always enjoyed having friends coming into town for visits where i tour them around or eat at the yummiest places that our taste buds would direct us to. My BFF did just that and popped over to Hong Kong for a short one week vacation last month.

Being the high tea fanatics that we always have been  and hearing all the high tea rage about the recently opened Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong Hotel, we knew it had to be the one! My friend was a real darling and called a day in advance to reserve a table for two, and i took a day off work to enjoy this lovely Ritz high tea experience with my good old BFF.

As i took the escalators connecting the International Commerce Centre to the Ritz Carlton, i was greeted at the lobby by friendly staffs who asked me where i wanted to go. They directed me to take the lift up to the 102th floor and go up another level by the escalators to get to my high tea paradise, The Bar &  Lounge.

Once i arrived at the place, all i remember was seeing this amazing view of Hong Kong. It was blue skies with white fluffy clouds setting in amongst the Hong Kong sky scrapers and sea. Unfortunately we did not manage to get window seats but i was not too fussed about that as its the company that counts after all. The place was really spacious with high ceilings and there were these lovely long yellow/red chandeliers that were dangling down.

When the very familiar looking three tier stand arrived to our table, my friend and i had an enormous smile on our face and that’s when we started snapping away.  While most normal people would dig right into their food, we started taking photos to capture the special moment and i have to warn you beforehand, this is a pretty normal sight if you ever get to visit Asia. The presentation of the high tea set definitely was up to standards, where it was filled with vibrant colors and textures, and displayed in a neat manner.

Having the biggest sweet tooth that i have, i was quite surprised that i found the mini sweet bites overly sweet.  Although i did enjoy the raspberry cake as it had a mix of sour and sweet in its taste, which was a perfect combination for me. The other sweet bites just seemed too sweet for my liking and there weren’t a lot of varieties for the savory food.

My friend and i slowly nibbled away whilst we sipped on our coffee and tea and  enjoyed our special day together.  As we finished off our high tea and the sun was setting, we could hear the live band from afar playing on the saxophone to “Noting’s Gonna Change My Love For You”, which was the perfect and sweetest way to end our day.


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Hello Kitty coin purse and Kit Kat choco all the way from Japan!!!!:)

One of my good friends recently came back from a short holiday in Tokyo, Japan and got me this super cute and petite gift!!! She bought me a  Hello Kitty coin purse and green tea flavored Kit Kat chocolate bar!!! Yes, i have a thing with trying all sorts of  food that isn’t in it’s original flavor, its just so much more interesting, hehe. Actually the Kit Kat choco bar came in a box but my mom ate the other packet!!! So that’s why you only see one packet of choco bar in the photo below incase you’re wondering, lol.  Anyhow, so her reason for getting me this coin purse is that it reminded her of me – cute and petite??????? Hm……..well whatever, i’m loving it and i’ve been using it everyday so bite me, lol. Just to let you know though, i’m not  a Hello Kitty fan, haha.

Please kindly click on images to enlarge:)


This is how it looks when it’s opened

That’s my hand so you can see how petite the coin purse is!!!

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Confessions of a Shopaholic – how it all began for me

So how did I come around in liking this Confessions of a Shopaholic book so much? Well, it just so happened that I was walking aimlessly one night and found myself entering the book store Page One in Central. So there I was strolling along endless rows of books when this hot pink cover with the word “SHOPAHOLIC” caught my attention, hehe. Yes ladies, and that was how my obsession with the Shopaholic books started.

Now you can imagine the excitement I must have had when I heard that a movie was going to be released based on the book by Sophie Kinsella. After a long wait, the time had finally arrived and on March 2nd, 2009, my best mate Conni and I hit the big screens with much anticipation for it (well, that was how I felt). It was quite funny because I felt exactly the same way I felt when I went to watch the “Sex and the City” movie, and it was as if an addiction of some sort was dying to blow out.

Overall, I must say, the movie did not give me the WOW factor but I still loved it dearly and was in tears from laughing, especially the scene where Isla Fisher does her dancing moves in Miami with the ever so charming bloke Luke Brandon, as played by Hugh Dancy. Yeah, I actually find quite a charm in men of his looks lately, which quite honestly is not my cup of tea normally. Probably it was his British accent and wit, hahaha. I also think Isla Fisher was the perfect role to play Becky Bloomwood. She was so funny and clueless in her own sweet ways.

After watching this movie, I can honestly admit that I am not a shopaholic!!!! Yes, there I was thinking if I should go to therapy, lol.  I am clearly not as crazy as Rebecca Bloomwood and I would never ever go to the extreme that she did just for the sake of a Gucci bag, Jimmy Choo stilettos, or whatever designer label product you can think of. Then again, I went to the Bazaar sale last night in Harbor City Shopping mall with Harriet. She is pure evil because she told me about the sale when I said I was on a budget!!!! Anyhow, I managed to control myself and limited myself to only buying the Molton Brown body scrub and de- stressing hair condition, which I so needed (yeah right). I mean, it only came down to a total of HK$180 and for MOLTON BROWN!!!?!?!? I say that is too good of a bargain to be missed. Yes, we always give ourselves excuses when we want something, and take this coming from a woman who loves to shop. Crap, did I just say love and shop in the same sentence?:P

I have uploaded some photos as taken from certain scenes of the movie so click on it to see a close up, hehe.  Now i gotta say, I love that photo of Becky and Luke at the hot dog stand. That was their first encounter and what he did for her during one of her shopping crisis  was really sweet in a funny way but lets not spill the beans here for those who have yet to watch it. As for that hideous neon pink dress with rainbow colored ruffles, it just ties in with a superficial way of testing friendship to the next level, very meaningful dress I shall put it ;-) And did I mention, I want that freaking pink MAC lap top!!!  I have also uploaded the movie trailer and I must say, I still have a smile on my face when I watch it:)

After the movie, Conni and I decided to chill at a nearby cafe and it was a perfect way to end the night before starting a gruesome day at work again the very next morning. Oh my…..I gotta stay more optimistic as with the given economical situation, I should be glad I got a job right? :) Anyhow, I had a really fun girls night out and it was just great catching up with old friends . By the way,the Irish Baileys Cheesecake was really yummy. Its a must try if you ever drop by Hong Kong, and its right opposite the Times Square shopping mall in Causeway Bay so it is easy to spot. As for the Keylime cake that Conni had, i am afraid it is a pass for moi as i am not a fan of the sour but by all means, try it if its to your liking, lol.


 Oh my god, its getting late so I better get some beauty sleep. Nitezzzzzzzzzzz

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