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The Floral Effect

The floral trend is one of my favorite fashion staples for the spring season. The vibrant colors and patterns is enough to put a smile on my face, and make me embrace Mr. Sunshine with open arms.


And the good news is that this fashion trend is a very  simple way of transforming any boring outfit and bring a dose of color into your spring wardrobe. In fact, i actually think this trend can be carried out all year round, when done properly and in proportion. Here are some street style floral outfit inspirations for those that are ready to kick start spring with some fun and color!












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How To Dress To Impress For Spring

With temperatures soaring well into the 20 degrees Celsius perimeter this week, it was clear as crystal that Spring has officially arrived in Hong Kong, and i was more than happy by that. Long gone are the days of wearing layers upon layers of clothes, along with the must have winter gears of scarves, boots, gloves, and etc.  It’s certainly been a grueling cold winter and i am so ready to embrace spring but the only question is, how to dress to impress for the warmer days to come?


Here are a few tips on how to transform your outfit from those winter days with the bulky looking style to the refreshing and breezy style to welcome spring time in color, and i mean a lot of color. And you will be surprised by how easy this can be done so please read on and be as adventurous as you can be, and try out these spring looks.

large-141. Add a pop of color with your blazer

large-102. Be trendy and put on those floral pants

large-113. Add fun to a patterned top and pair it with a flashy colored skirt

large-154. Bring skinny jeans back to life by wearing them in colors

large-65.  For the less daring, inject a dose of color to accessories, such as a bag

large-76.  Dress up in a bright colored dress for that girlie effect

large-167. Make your neon heels stand out by mixing it with jeans in a dark color

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Current lust: Wedged trainers

I know the wedge trainer trend has been around for quite a few years but i can’t help but keep wondering about this bizarre cross over. Heels and trainers cross over is differently something in the fashion world, which you either like or hate. I have been thinking about this foot wear trend for quite a while and i still can’t decide if i want to give it a try.

wedged trainers

I definitely think it’s great footwear for those casual outings on the weekends, such as meeting up some friends over lunch or doing your local grocery shopping in the hood. And best yet, you get comfort while looking stylish too.

Do you like or hate the wedged trainer look?








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a change of season, a change of color

It was another lazy Thursday morning and after snoozing my alarm clock twice, i quickly got dressed and left home to go to work. I could feel the brisk cool air against my face as i walked down the street and that’s when it hit me. The  autumn season was slowly approaching, where the remaining time for those hot summer days will be cherished whilst it lasts.


Though the hot and sunny days will be missed, the idea of wearing my loose sweaters, warm cardigans, black leather jacket, and my stylish light brown suede boots, i’m already convinced that i’m ready to embrace the cold weather in style. It’s also a time where we say bye bye to vibrant summery colors and inject earthy tones such as brown, beige, and black into our wardrobes. But one color that i am particular fond of is the mustard yellow. And guess what? I’m already on the look out for a mustard colored sweater.

What is your favorite color for autumn/winter?

mustard jacket








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The fedora effect

The fedora hat is the best style way for those lazy days where you don’t want to do your hair but still look stylish.


The best thing about this style is that it works for both short hair and long hair. I’ve always had problems with hats where I look weird in them all the time. I am still on the hunt for my fedora hat, which must fit me perfectly!

Are you a fedora kinda fashionista or not?











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Lace for summer…

Sunny days with the beaming sun shining down my face, it can only be telling me one thing, this summer is surely hot. Around this time of the year, it gets extremely hot and humid, where we are talking about 28-33 degrees Celsius with humidity reaching as high as 90%. Sometimes I do wonder how I survive in this climate as well. With people wearing skimpy and summery outfits everywhere, I couldn’t help but notice the lace trend going on. I’ve always adored lace so it’s perfect timing.

I love how lace has the magical power to transform an outfit and bring sex appeal with minimal effort. Just pop a simple sleeveless lace top over a pair of shorts or skinny jeans and it’s casual yet sexy. Or pick out that lace dress that hugs you at the right places and shows off just enough skin to make the gentlemen turn wild.

Will you be doing lace for this summer?











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Hey Ms. soldier…

No, i didn’t buy my Macbook Pro yet and my computer is still busted,  and so i’m blogging at work again. What can i say, the power to speak my fashion mind is just too strong!!! lol

Anyhow, i wanted to share with you all on the military jacket trend that i’ve been crazy over as of lately. My cousin from London is in town right now and over the weekend we did some major shopping and yes, we both got ourselves a military jacket!!! It’s kinda funny because after we bought our jackets, it was like literally everywhere i went, i would see military jackets, either in shops or on the streets.  But the military jacket is definitely a fashion staple that every woman must own just like the good old denim jacket, skinny jeans, LBD (little black dress), and etc.

I like the whole casual look that the military jacket brings out and it matches really well with my fave leopard print scarves! It’s like a casual yet chic kinda style put together. Now i just need some military boots, hehe.

Do you love or hate the military jacket look?

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Sweaters for this winter…

With the weather getting more chilly over the past few days,  i knew it was time for winter to be greeting Hong Kong anytime soon. I still remember just a few weeks ago i was walking  in H&M and Forever 21 where i was bombarded with their gorgeous and earthy toned winter collections, which only made me longed for the hot and humid summers to be long gone even faster,  and so my wish came true. There was this sense of elation rise upon me just by the thought of what my next winter clothing purchase will be.

My first main winter clothing choice that i normally look for are sweaters and cardigans as they are the most basic.  I’ve seen so many varieties of sweaters ranging from different types of color, texture, design, and print, that i do not even know where to begin or buy! As always, i know i can rely on the trust worthy street styles for some fabulous inspirations and here are just a few of my fave take on for the cosy and warm sweater looks.

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Which sweater look will you be sporting this winter?


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Pleated skirts is in the air…

It’s been a month since i’ve been back from my fabulous holiday in Europe. It’s so bizarre how time flies, and with that, i have been enjoying my time away from the chilly London and Copenhagen nights, and embracing the warmer days over here in Hong Kong. Of course, i still miss the macarons in Paris dearly.

I have to say, it’s not that hot compared to the summer time, where the temperatures can go up to 34 degrees celsius, but we are still lucky enough to get 28 degrees or so right now.

Whilst we still got such lovely weather, i thought it would be best to make use of this chance to bring out some skirts while we still can. And with that, i’ve caught the pleated skirt fever!!! I have always had this thing with pleated skirts and i have no idea why. It’s just those ruffle detailing and how it gives that wavy effect that makes me fall head over heels for it. The best thing is that you can look good with this style whether you’re going for the casual and chic, or elegant look.

What about you? Do you love or hate the pleated skirts look?

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Polka Dott’ing…

As i count the weeks away before i head off for my 2 weeks vacay to Europe, i cannot help but wanna add some fun into my style, especially with this hot and sunny weather we have been getting over here. And what comes to mind when i think of fun and style? Yes, polka dot is exactly what comes to mind.

It can be a tricky thing when it comes to doing the polka dot trend where you don’t wanna come across as too childish but still looking feminine, glam, and stylish. Then again, if you are on the cutesy side of styling, then that is perfectly fine as well.

I always think it’s about balance and proportion and the rule is quite simple. If you are wearing one piece of clothing or accessory with big polka dot prints then make sure you keep the rest of your outfit simple to prevent polka dot overdose. At the same time, if you are handling with small polka dot prints, you can wear more than one piece of clothing or accessories with this print. For example, you can pair a small polka dot printed top with blue jeans and polka dot heels. That way, you do not put yourself in a situation where you are in polka dots from head to toe. Plus there is less emphasis on the polka dots when they are smaller in prints, and that is a great way to play around with this trend without looking like Minnie Mouse!!!

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