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The Floral Effect

The floral trend is one of my favorite fashion staples for the spring season. The vibrant colors and patterns is enough to put a smile on my face, and make me embrace Mr. Sunshine with open arms.


And the good news is that this fashion trend is a very  simple way of transforming any boring outfit and bring a dose of color into your spring wardrobe. In fact, i actually think this trend can be carried out all year round, when done properly and in proportion. Here are some street style floral outfit inspirations for those that are ready to kick start spring with some fun and color!












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How To Dress To Impress For Spring

With temperatures soaring well into the 20 degrees Celsius perimeter this week, it was clear as crystal that Spring has officially arrived in Hong Kong, and i was more than happy by that. Long gone are the days of wearing layers upon layers of clothes, along with the must have winter gears of scarves, boots, gloves, and etc.  It’s certainly been a grueling cold winter and i am so ready to embrace spring but the only question is, how to dress to impress for the warmer days to come?


Here are a few tips on how to transform your outfit from those winter days with the bulky looking style to the refreshing and breezy style to welcome spring time in color, and i mean a lot of color. And you will be surprised by how easy this can be done so please read on and be as adventurous as you can be, and try out these spring looks.

large-141. Add a pop of color with your blazer

large-102. Be trendy and put on those floral pants

large-113. Add fun to a patterned top and pair it with a flashy colored skirt

large-154. Bring skinny jeans back to life by wearing them in colors

large-65.  For the less daring, inject a dose of color to accessories, such as a bag

large-76.  Dress up in a bright colored dress for that girlie effect

large-167. Make your neon heels stand out by mixing it with jeans in a dark color

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Current lust: Wedged trainers

I know the wedge trainer trend has been around for quite a few years but i can’t help but keep wondering about this bizarre cross over. Heels and trainers cross over is differently something in the fashion world, which you either like or hate. I have been thinking about this foot wear trend for quite a while and i still can’t decide if i want to give it a try.

wedged trainers

I definitely think it’s great footwear for those casual outings on the weekends, such as meeting up some friends over lunch or doing your local grocery shopping in the hood. And best yet, you get comfort while looking stylish too.

Do you like or hate the wedged trainer look?








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Girl Crush: Rachel Bilson

I remember first seeing Rachel Bilson in the American series “The O.C.”, which i only watched a few episodes of, and i did not think much about her at the time.

However, throughout the years and since the ending of “The O.C”, she was more exposed to the media and public,  and that’s when i started to notice her. And of course, having a cute boyfriend like Hayden Christensen does add brownie points too;)

She has this cutesy and sexy look  that i think any men will fall for and any women would die for. What i like is her laid back style whilst also being able to look glam on the red carpet and at public appearances. She is definitely a style inspiration for me!



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Girl Crush: Blake Lively

I have to confess, i have never watched the American series “Gossip Girl” and i know Blake Lively plays a big role in it as well. But that is not to say i do not admire her style because i do.

So far i think she’s done a really good job with her red carpet appearances and i do not recall any wacky or weird out fits that has made heads turned the other way, at least for me.

I absolutely love her glamorous and elegant looks whether its on the red carpets or at movie premiers. At the same time she manages to carry a really casual yet chic style when she goes for the casual look. One thing for sure, this is a lady who knows how to style and maybe i should really start watching “Gossip Girl” and get some style inspirations off her.

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Street Style Love x 2

Street style is definitely one of the places where i get my style inspirations from and it always interests me to see what sort of trend is going on out in the real world. There is such beauty when you stare at that one person and notice every single detail of their styling.

Now i know there are many street style websites out there that tends to show just one person individually, and that got me thinking, why just one? Why not showcase the styles of  two, three, or four people in one shot? As the saying goes, the more the merrier, right?

For this street style post, i would like to share street style  in another light, where it brings  inspiration, friendship,  love, and laughter altogether into the picture with these fabulous people.

Hope you enjoy them and get inspired!

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Beauty Diary: The clutch

If there’s one accessory that i think is hard to find and has to be perfect, it’s the clutch. It’s one of those accessories where i do not use often because lets face it, we all need our big bags whether it’s for work or running our weekend errands.

Nonetheless, I’ve always wanted to find the perfect clutch that i can use for those very special occasions, esepecially as i’ve found myself attending more weddings, reunion dinners, and social parties over the years.

Since there are only so many times i can use a clutch in a year,  there are always a few things i try to bear in mind when i do go on my “clutch hunt”.  I understand that everyone are  different and want different things, so the following pointers for buying a clutch are strictly just what i feel are important.


As a clutch will hardly ever be a daily accessory, i really think that it’s best to buy a clutch within ones own budget. I will not say that i have any particular price range and i do not emphasis too much on whether it has to be designer branded or not. The main factor is that i must love it!


It is commonly known that a clutch cannot hold a lot of our “stuff” and so ideally, i am looking for a clutch that is good in size. It cannot be too big or too small and with this, i think it can also come down to your body size.  Depending if you’re petite or more on the big scale, you have to make sure you do not overwhelm your body frame. For example, as i am quite petite i always try to stay away from those giant brief case look alike clutches even though they look great on others. Likewise, if you’re on the bigger scale, it is best not to find the tiniest clutch in the world as that will make you look even bigger. Then again, it is really down to your own preference.

Another thing i look for in a clutch is that it has an interchangeable chain so i can put it over my shoulder when i get tired of holding it. Practicality is the key and you need to know what works best for you.


This is an obvious yet very crucial element for buying a clutch. There are so many different styles of clutches out there that we can get overwhelmed.  The few things that i take note of when i look for clutches are the  size, shape, color, texture, fabric, print, and pattern.  For instance, do you like clutches with studds, sequins, floral, fur, or do you prefer a clutch in leather, plastic, or metallic? These are all the things to consider  when thinking about what kind of style of clutch you want.

Surprisingly, i even saw quite a few transparent clutches as i searched for clutch images for this post. I personally do not mind it and think it’s quite stylish but then again, not everyone would like the idea of having everything in their clutches for the public to see.

So what about you ladies? What factors do you consider when you buy a clutch?

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Current Lust: colored jeans

Jeans have been around from as far as i can remember, and even as a kid, i was already strapped into these really cool over all jeans, or at least that’s what my mom thought at the time. With the jeans trend having evolved into the 21st century, it is really no surprise that it had to kick up some tricks up its sleeves to make denim trend one of the strongest survivors in the history of fashion.

And with that said, out came the colored jeans!!! Yep, i kid you not and it comes in any color you can imagine. Be it red, orange, yellow, purple, hot pink, cobalt blue, deep colors, neon, or even pastel colors.

I currently have a pair of cobalt blue and green jeans that i love to wear when i get sick and bored of my normal blue denim jeans. I reckon this must be the easiest and laziest yet fabulous way to put a bit of color into an outfit.

What colored jeans are you lusting for right now???

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Pop it with the Peplum ladies…

The peplum look is really one trend where i think you either  love it or hate it, and as for me? Well, i love it! It’s a really fun and cute way to play with your style. The way how it hugs you tightly around the waist gives you this body confidence boost immediately, at least for me.

I’ve already seen the peplum look on celebrities at the red carpet and on the cat walk scenes. The peplum has even gotten as far as being spotted on street styles where fashionistas are either glaming it up or keeping it casual with this peplum baby.

And i have to say, one of my most interesting peplum finds for the street style was the leather peplum!!! That was a very unexpected one. The same goes for the metal lookalike peplum that Blake Lively was sporting, which is pure madness and should definitely be kept for photo shoot moments only.

And i just had a crazy thought. Is the word plum part of the word peplum because the puffy and round style slightly resembles the shape of the plum fruit? haha…yes, totally random i know but don’t you ever just wonder why this odd name?

So what about you ladies? Love or hate the peplum look????

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Girl Crush: Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has always come across as this really down to earth kinda lady, ever since her early days dating back to as far as the late 90’s when she was filmed in “Cruel Intentions”. Her soft short blond hair and innocent look just really stuck with me then and there. One of the things that i like about Reese is her quirkiness and her lovely smile, and she just has this natural factor that comes out when she is present.

Her style was not always that glamorous to begin with but as time passed by and along with her hit movie “Legally Blonde”, i honestly felt that not just her style, but her career sky rocketed ever since.  In fact, she was even named the Global Ambassador of Avon Products in 2007, and if you ask me, that is pretty impressive. I just find it inspiring for celebrities that work way beyond their roles of just acting and it shows that Reese still has that drive to succeed  in life. She sure is one tough and ambitious lady if you ask me.

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