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Color trends for Fall 2010

According to In Style, these are the hot color trends to look out for this Fall. Some of these looks are pretty fierce, daring, and colorful, and by all means, i am more than happy to try them out. I’ve always been attracted to the vibrant colored looks and whilst i’m currently aiming to try the neutral look, I would have no problem embracing these great Fall color trends. Luckily, camel and black is on the trend list too, so i can still stay true to my neutral looks:) But i really think it’s all about balance and you just gotta think in porportion with these things.

Alrighty, lets cut the yapping and show you the goodies. Focus girls! ohhh…and i’m totally loving the Cobalt Blue and Sheer Black, what about you?

Cobalt Blue




Sheer Black

Emerald Green

Bright Red



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Heather Gray Nails

It’s a new season and with that comes a new to everything, right? The same goes to our lovely nails, where neon and all red shades will be a thing of the past (or so i hope). This fall we will be trying out a more solid greyish color, the heather grey. I think it’s a great color and blends in flawlessly with neutral tones, to give you a complete autumn/winter look. Best of all, heather grey nails works just as fabulous with colorful summery outfits, which gives you versatility and not to mention, a great bargain too!

Photo Source


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Trend Alert: White tights/leggings

I’m guessing that all women would have some sort of tights/leggings hidden in their drawers, because who are we kidding? They are great fashion staples that’s versatile and helps our legs to survive those gruesome cold seasons.  I actually went through a hardcore tights/leggings phase at one point, and i had them in all the colors you can imagine: black, dark blue, sky blue, turquoise, yellow, purple, red, dark green, lime green, hot pink, brown, grey, or even laces, and prints with stars, stripes, polka dots, etc.  

But have you ever considered wearing them in the color WHITE? Yes, i was actually quite skeptical by this idea that’s being tested for this Autumn/Fall trend. I’m not really sure if i can pull it off but these are some pretty amazing photos to prove that it can work! You can recreate different styles depending on what you pair them with. You can look classy if you wear them with a simple black dress. I really love the look by wearing blocked colors to give it that sixities vibe, especially when you work with a plain top and skirt. Or you can wear  light montoned colors to give it that soft and snowy feel for the cold winters:D 

So what ya all think? Are you a fashion risk taker?  Will you dare to flaunt the white tights/leggings trend this Autumn/Fall?

Photo Source

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Trend Alert: Jumpsuits/playsuits

Okay, i admit, jumpsuits/playsuits aren’t the easiest fashion pieces to wear, especially with all the hassle  when visiting the ladies room, and i know 99.9% of the male population are disgusted by them. But…! I have to say that i think they’re kinda pretty and unique in style.  It’s a trend that i reckon wont last in the long run but a fun trend to play with, while it lasts. So guess what? I went to H&M last month and ended up buying a leopard printed playsuit,hehehe. I haven’t worn it yet and i’m still waiting for the right moment to wear it (definitely a taboo at work). Jumpsuits/playsuits can be tricky to wear and in fact, not everyone can pull off this look, without looking like you’re walking on the streets in your pajamas, lol. 

What do you all think then? Are these lovely suits here to stay or go? For me, i’ll say please stay! These lovely darlings can stay around for abit longer just like the Aladdin pants, aka the  harem pants. I actually got the term Aladdin pants from my best friend Pui yee. Tak skat, you’re too funny! lol 

Catwalk time with jumpsuits/playsuits

Celebrities in jumpsuits/playsuits

Above images via Photo Source 

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Trend Alert: Nautical stripes!

 Image via Style Caster 

I’ve spotted endless nautical stripe looks in magazines as of lately and i must say, i’m actually starting to appreciate and fall in love with this style! There’s just something really summery about the look, where you got the blue and white coloring that gives off such a fresh feel to it all! I guess this a good time and excuse for me to go shopping and try out this trend then, eh:) In the mean time, i’ll just have to gaze at these gorgeous photos to get some nautical stripes inspiration for my new look. Yah!

Photo Source: Fab Sugar, Fashionising, In Style, and Lovelyish

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A Splash of color

Wanna spice up your look but not sure how? It’s easier than you think. I personally believe in dressing in a monotoned manner (e.g. black pants and black top) and add a splash of contrasting colored elements to give your outfit an extra impact. This will definitely give the va va voom effect for those dull looking outfits that we so often get tired of . The great thing about this concept is that it works for all seasons. I told you it was easy. Still can’t put it together? Don’t worry, because these street styles are gonna kick the fashion senses out of you in no time!  Have fun and enjoy with just a splash of color:) 

Photo Source: FashionisingStockholm Street Style, and Thesartorialist

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Denim overload…

I was just going through my closet the other day and realized how many pair of jeans i own! I think it was like 15 or so? Well, that’s alot of jeans in my dictionary anyway. It was interesting to see how my jeans style has transitioned over the years too, where dark blue boot cut and flared jeans were all i owned.  I still adore them and i know i can always rely on these classic pieces but skinny jeans are just my fashion staple as of lately, ehh…ok fine, for the past 3 years:P Yes, they’re tight and makes it hard to breath but who cares? lol.

With the trends always changing and abundant choices of jeans out there, i can see how tough it is to decide on what to buy or not buy. Dark colored skinny jean is definitely my comfort zone but i think i can start considering these other denim beauties too. Never say never right? hehe. So ranking in no particular order, i present you some lovely denim jeans and see how they can create different styles.  

Skinny jeans

skinny jeans1skinny jeans2

To create a casual and chic look, just slip on a simple black top over your skinny jeans. For a more glam look, option for a faux fur coat and pair it with a classic designer bag for a simple yet stylish look.

Boot Cut Jeans

boot cut jeans1boot cut jean2

The classic boot cut jeans are here to say no matter what season or trend. You can tone down the look like by wearing a crisp blouse to create that casual and chic look. Or why not wear a tight fitted top with some slim boot cut jeans to give it a cleaner look?

  Wide leg jeans 
flared jeans1
wide leg jeans2
The wide leg jeans are definitely catered for the taller ladies as it’s a better fit for them and won’t overwhelm their body shape. It also helps to elongate those envious tall legs that they have.
Long Flared Jeans 
flared jeans1
flared jeans2
This is another iconic piece in the jeans family where it’s always timeless and versatile. You can instantly add that feminine touch and few inches in height to by wearing wedges with these jeans.
Ankle Cut Jeans
ankle cut jeans1
ankle cut jeans3
Ankle cut jeans are great choices if you want to accentuate on those killer heels and make a statement.
Colored Jeans 
colored jeans1
colored jeans2
Colored jeans are more of a fun alternative in my opinion, becaue of all the vibrant colors you get to play with! You can bring out the the colored jeans during summer and pair it with a colorful top and some wedges. it’s the perfect way to go for that summer girl fun look. Or play it simple, pair your colored jeans with a plain tee or tuck it in some booties for that wintery transformation.
Ripped Jeans 
ripped jeans1
ripped jeans2
The ripped jeans really gives that rock chic look to it. It’s a great style to go for if you want to look fashionable but with some bad girl attitude.
High Waisted Jeans 
 high waisted jeans1high waisted jeans2
These beauties add instant curves with the magie of their high waist style.  You can pair it with some pumps to give that extra slimming effect to the outfit too. That sounds like a superb idea to me!
Denim shorts
 denim shorts1denim shorts2
Denim shorts or faded cutoffs are the greatest fashion staples as they have dual function – comfort and style. You can still look trendy by pairing it with a cropped top or a casual blazer.
Overalls Jeans
overalls jeans2
overalls jeans1
I am not a big fan of the overalls jean look as this style takes me back to my geeky days as a kid. However, pair it with a simple tee or a cropped top/corset, and you will go from that geeky kid in overalls into a sexy lady with those alluring bare legs in her overalls.
Boyfriend Jeans

ankle cut jeans1boyfriend jean2

Last but not least, we have our masculine boyfriend jeans. They look best when rolled up and paired with ankle boots so it still has a girlie touch to it. Flip flops are also doable for those “running errands” day like Reese who picks up her kids from school in style.

What jeans will you be sporting this year?;)

Photo Source

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Short or long? That is the question…

Throughout my teen years and following into adulthood, I have always and i repeat, always had long hair. I may have permed or straightened it every now and then but that was about it. Of course, i would love to be dare devil and try out these boyish cropped cuts that i see looking ever so stylish on celebrities such as Rihanna, but i just can’t pull that look off as i dont have that “fiesty” factor in me, lol.  So my verdict? We gotta work with what we have and make the best outta it. Having that said, i think i’ll be sticking to long straight black hair as my signature look:)

These stylish celebrities took the courage to cut off their lovely locks and i have to say, they look beautiful in both short or long hair.  So jealous! But one thing for sure, short hair definitely ain’t for the faint hearted.

So what do you think?  A fashion beauty do or don’t?



Keira Knightly

Natalie Portman

Halle Berry

Photo Source:Style Caster

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Top trendsets list for 2010

Ironically, i dont really have a trend set that i follow as im more the type to wear whatever  i like. Although I’ve been told by 3 friends this week that the majority of my outfits consists of shocking colors or loads of prints/patterns. I suppose i do lack variation in my style but the biggest fashion crime i’ve commited  and its a wonder why i never noticed, is that i hardly have any basic wear. It is basic and simple and at times, that is all we need to look fabulous without too much effort. Anyhowww, here are some trends for the year that i find quite inspiring and hopefully you do too:)  

Trend Attack  for Spring/Summer 2010



Hot Pants



Denim Jackets

Military/Soldier Jackets

Tie Dye

Trends that may not always be  trendy but that i still “heart”


Cobalt Blue

Leather Jackets

Leggings like the Linsey way!

Photo Source: The Fashion Time Magazine / Hip Girlie

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Going back to basic – black pumps

So again we approach the weekend and what have i done so far? FYI, i certainly didnt tidying my room as planned but ended up dragging my lil lazy butt out to shop with mom and of course, it was quality time well spent! I been having this mental list of practical and timeless fashionable items that i must buy lately and i thought today would be a great opportunity to tick off at least one item from the list. The reason for this list of mine is so that i can define my needs against my wants. Ok  fine, maybe its just an excuse so i wont feel as bad when i flash out that credit card of mine and start my impulsive buying, haha. 

Anyhow, I couldnt believe what was the first thing i thought of on my list because it is sucha basic human need that every women should have and that is the basic black pumps! It is totally versatile and  the easiest item to start any outfit with, except sports wear i guess, hahaha. But i have spotted a trend of Converse look alike heels which i find a tad bit weird.

We went to this shopping mall in Sha Tin and window shopped for  2 freaking hours and finally i gave up due to hunger. We both stopped by Olivers Sandwich for some yummy and buttery baked potatoes sprinkled with spring onion and a hot cuppa tea:) I was so disappointed that i wasnt able to find a single pair of black pumps that made me fall head over heels for, and especially after raiding literally every single shoe shop that i saw. But  my shoe luck had not run totally dry because i spotted the perfect pair just when i passed by the local shopping mall! It was like totally unexcepted and i just saw them and thought “i gotta get them”. I got them from this shop called “Belle” (http://www.hk-belle.com/) which i’ve never heard of but i guess we have to try other brands to see if its good or not right? They are patent snake skin pumps instead of the practical solid black that i intended to hunt for but what is a girl to do right? lol… The heels are probably 3-4 inches but they’re so comfy as there’s a platform in the front to support my well deserved toes that always get all squashed together.

You guys like them?!!? Yah, they’re pretty plain but it was what i was looking for so im pretty happy with my purchase:D Pat on my back, haha. They’re perfect for work with a skirt or just casual attire with jeans. Im so gonna wear these to work on Monday if the weather permits! Please come out soon Mr. Sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!! But to tell you the truth, im still secretly hoping to find those solid black pumps of mine and so i started  browsing on ASOS’s website, and  i found these absolutely drop dead gorgeous pumps!!! Ahh….im all happy again:) So guess there is some sense in the saying, shoes are a girl’s best friend? Wait, or was that diamonds? hahahaha, u get the drift;)


ASOS POSH Bow Heeled Shoe

Jaeger Peep Toe Court Shoe

ASOS Harley



Miss KG Chloe Satin Peep Toe Heeled  Court

Steve Madden

 Have a shoeaholic day:)

 Photo Source: www.asos.com

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