Namie Amuro’s latest single ‘Wild/Dr’

Namie Amuro is launching her solo single ‘Wild/Dr’ on March 18th so stay tuned all you Namie Amuro fans!!!!! This is her 34th solo single and its the first ever single in 2009.  Below are the photos for her single cover.

CD                                                                                CD/DVD
Wild/Dr CD Cover   cd-and-dvd1
She has also recently collaborated with Coca Cola to promote the Coca Cola Zero drink. I found the commercial on youtube and thought I had to share it with you guys! Please notice how Namie does the peace sign at the end of the commercial, its just sooo cute:)

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One response to “Namie Amuro’s latest single ‘Wild/Dr’

  1. kineda

    Namie’s song is pretty good. She’s come along way since her days with SuperMonkeys

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