In love with… stylish furnitures

I had an interview with an interior design firm today and Im not sure if it went well or not. Lets just keep my fingers crossed and say I tried my best.  But if i do get the job I will be over the moon for sure:) Anyhow, speaking of interior design, i decided to share with you a few of my favorite designers that have designed iconic pieces that are still around today.  

Arne Jacobsen (Feb 11, 1902 – Mar 24, 1971)

For those that have never heard of him, he was a Danish architect and designer. A few of the furnitures that he was strongly recognized for include  the Egg Chair, Swan Chair and Ant Chair.  I remember going back to Copenhagen, Denmark  one summer and I walked passed the Radisson SAS Hotel, and there was the red colored Egg Chair sitting in the lounge area. It was my first time to see it in person and I got soooo excited for some stupid reason;) Since then, I have seen it in Australia and Hong Kong. I wonder where else I’ll my be seeing my great Egg Chair next!!!!  For your information, Mr. Jacobsen was also the person to design the Radisson SAS Hotel so do check it out or have a go at the Egg Chair if you go to Denmark. I actually  sat in one myself when I attended a design exhibition with Conni at the prestigious  ‘Lane Crawford’ Shopping Mall in Hong Kong. I have to say, the chair certainly did not look as comfortable as it really was, and to top it off, it was in a hideous lime green color. 

  Verner Panton (Feb 13, 1926 – Sep 5, 1998).

Verner was also Danish and was a creative  furniture and interior designer, in my point of view anyway. One of his well known piece is the Panton Chair and I gotta say, I see it almost everywhere.   But what I really want to see in person and actually sit in is his Heart Chair, it is just toooo cute!!!! If you have noticed, its funny how RED is the chosen color in many of the images shown in this entree. This makes me wonder if I will ever purchase a furniture in sucha erotic tone of color. But I went to my friend’s flat the other day and she had a hot red sofa too, which I thought felt kinda slick and chick,hehe. 

George Nelson is another great designer from America that I came across while surfing the net. What attracted me towards his design was how he made furnitures functionable in a fun way. By this, I am relating to his Coconut Chair and Marshmallow sofa. I think he really shows creativity with the Coconut chair and how it actually does resemble the coconut shell. Before you know it, inspirations may be lurking around just about anywhere near you right this minute! Explore and discover my friends, you might suddenly think of really wacky creative ideas, and this does goes for anything in life whether its cooking, designing, painting, room make overs, etc:)



Gosh, all these furnitures really make me wanna get a place for myself. The day that happens, I will make sure I decide on every single purchase of furniture that goes into the apartment!! Not sure what the theme will be but I always had the idea of a black and white contrast colored theme, and of course with my red sofa, “wink wink”.  I have been thinking lately, I should start exploring more in the Asian market for designer furnitures and not just Europe or America.  But to be quite honest, I am a fan of the West instead of East when it comes to home designs or interior decor. Somtimes I will even find myself flicking through Elle Decoration magazines and wanting to stamp the designs into my own room, like make a replication you know what I mean? Then again, copying is just abit boring and so I should get my creative juices running. Okie, I think this is a wrap up for me, Im feeling sleepy.



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2 responses to “In love with… stylish furnitures

  1. Good luck with that job interview! I hope you get the job. I like the first photograph, and in vivid red color too!

  2. cheesy8

    I’m so…in lurve with Panton chair… !And i got a great bargain here in KL!

    Feel free to drop by my blog for details…

    c ya…

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