Beauty essentials

I believe that every women has their very own beauty tips and essential beauty items that they absolutely can’t live without. The same goes for me and so i decided it would be nice to share some of my own beauty tips, if you care to read on. There is this one beauty item that sits at the very top of my list lately and of course, it would only be wrong to not share this life saver product with you right? 😉  I’m not sure about you but you ever get those bad skin days? Like nasty stubs from shaving or whatever reason? Well, I discovered this body exfoliater from Origins, which has been my best skin product purchase ever! Yep, my legs feel so much more smoother and stub free:) So ladies, why dont you give it a try and see for yourself. Anyways, it worked for me like a charm and im still using it. It’s full name is “Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub”. It’s got white and brown sugar to take the roughness away, olive oil for rehydration, plus a ginger/citrusey aroma that will leave you smelling refreshed and feeling oh so smooth………

Another product that I have taken a liking to ever since I came back from New York City is Bath and Body Works. They got them in like gazillion flavors and I was lucky to have bought around 7 flavors back home:) They are perfect sizes for putting in hand bags or at the office whenever you need a touch of moisturizing on dull days. Cucumber Melon and Coconut Lime Verbena are my favorites and i really want the Cherry Blossom but it was nowhere to be found in any of their stores. Hm, maybe it’s one of their best sellers?

Now after talking about how to pamper our lovely bodies, the nex thing that we must take care of is our lovely undies that we very so often disregard, which i warn you can leave you in embarressing moments. Can you remember what you last wore under all those layers of clothes during the chilly winter seasons? hehehe. Right now I’m really into these underwears from Juicy Couture but their price tag comes at a hefty sum.  These panties designed to look like cupcakes are just too cute to be missed though.  Their fragrance department does wonders too and i been wanting their Juicy Couture perfume for awhile. It’s quite expensive, like HK$700 for 100ml so my super nice friend Jeff got it for me in NYC as a gift. How nice is that!! Thanks Jeff if you’re reading this,lol.

So much for pampering onlineeeeeeeeeeee tonight.  Its Monday morning tomorrow, ARghhhhhhhhhhh….I will survive:)


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