Enjoyments in life:)

What else beats drinking good wine with good people???? NOTHING!!! That’s how i enjoy my life, hehe. Anyhow, I have started developing this frenzy for red wine as of lately. I remember I was shopping in the wine ally at the International Supermarket and out of nowhere I hand picked this Australian wine called Windy Peak – Cabernet Merlot 2007 (Victoria , Australia). My colleague was with me at the time and as she used to study in Australia and for old times sake, she told me to go for that one, lol.  I remember thinking at the time, boy, what a way to choose wine, hahaha.  Here is a photo of the wine if you ever want to buy it. Although, I would recommend to get the 2007 one because last night I had a glass of Cabernet Merlot at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) and it just did not taste the same, despite the waiter telling me it was 2007, but he looked abit like he was unsure, hehehe.  More info about this wine can be found here.

I have to say, one of the greatest things in life is enjoying the company of good friends over nice food in a cosy environment. I recently went  the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for high tea and it was really enjoyable. I ordered a Rasberry/Apricot Mousse Cake along with a Strawberry Caipirinha. I know, it was sooo early for cocktail but my girlfriends insisted so I was like sure!! Turns out one of my friend turned red face and I was perfectly fine:)

The Mandarin Cake Shop

M/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road, Central, Tel: (+852) 2825 4008

Next we we headed to this dessert shop called Antique Patisserie, which looked has a beautiful interior decor. It kinda reminded me of those high tea places back in London, lol. I saw some Macarons there too but I dont know why, the ones in Hong Kong just dont taste as good as the ones I had in Paris:P But i find macrons so colorful and pretty that i still get abit excited when i see them, hehe

 Antique Pastisserie

Shop 2, G/F, Lyndhurst Terrace, Soho, Central, Tel: (+852) 2542 2816



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2 responses to “Enjoyments in life:)

  1. Hey Cindy!
    Welcome to the wonderful world of red wine 😉 It’s far better than white wine, in my opinion. Try a Shiraz sometime, those are really nice. I also like Merlot and some Chianti, although always aim to get Chianti Classico (not just plain Chianti, because they’re not always so good). Australian wine is pretty decent, but don’t forget that the best red wine in the world comes from France =)

    • Cinz

      Hey Colin, thx for droppin by. Been awhile since we last spoke. I’ve taken a break on wine and and been sipping cocktails lately, hehe. However, i did try a wine from Chile 2 months back and had it with my dad. Gotta say, Chile wine is kinda strong, lol. Anyhow, i’ll speak to u sometime. Laterz!

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