Lady Gaga is more than just “gaga”, lol

Omg, i just woke up from 10.5 hours of sleep and here i am blogging away already!!! I like this new ME!!!…. but lets just hope i keep this up, hehe. I was meant to post this entry last nite but my internet was super slow and so i gave up and hit the bed at freaking 2am. Anyhow, i have been digging Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” from her new album “The Fame Monster”, which im sure you have heard of and if not, where have u been peeps?!?!? Check out the video now!

I really wonder where she gets these great and wacky ideas for her music videos. I was just watching the mv for Bad Romance again and only now did i realize what was really going on,lol. In the beginning i saw what i think were white coffins but they just had a more futuristic look to it with a neon colored cross on it,lol. I guess she always has a futuristic approach to her style dont you think? I also really liked that part where Lady Gaga looked like  a doll with mega big eyes because its really cute and she doesnt often give off that vibe to the public. I reckon this cute look must have been inspired from the Japanese trend because i was reading some Japanese fashion mags and big round eyes with lashes that you cannot miss is the hype now. I wanna try the look but im just too lazy to deal with fake lashes and to put them on! 

Now there is really something about her looks because i dont classify her as ugly but at the same time, i dont think she’s super gorgeous either. I think its more of her iconic fashion statement that i have fallen for. I started noticing her when i saw the MV for “Just Dance”, taken from her first album “The Fame”, and i love that song! It’s really catchy and i still havent gotten bored of it up to this day. I do think she looked abit more normal back in those days and for the past year, she’s really stepped up to the extreme. She just really plays around with fashion and as she once stated “fashion is art” is a view i totally agree with!!! She adds touch to her styles by using structures,shapes,big accessories and not to mention, her famously known blond ribbon hair style that looks soooo cute with a rock chic attitude!

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