Shopping Itch Alert…i’ve missed you dearly!

Ladies, attention!!! I am in a super duper high adrenaline rush to go shopping today and you cant blame me because i have abandoned this all time fav hobby of mine for god knows how long!!!!  Thanks to the recession and my ever so high paying job, NOT! lol….. To salvage this empty shopping soul of mine, i decided to take matters to my own hands and yes, i already found myself typing in on my IE browser  Before you know it, i already started searching for “DRESSES” because its an absolute neccessity for any women living on this universe.  Afterall, what is a girl to do without some fabulous dresses for well, any sort of occassions that cries for an emergency fix last minute. These dresses are just to die for and its so my style!!! I just cant resist with my ohh, ahhh, wow and  so without further delay, here are the hot hot looks that i dig:)


Evening Dress Wear Top List For Moi


French Connection Princess Dress  £55

I just totally love the hot pink bold color as im a fan of the screaming out loud colors:) The tailoring of the dress is done impeccably and i like how there’s abit of ruffles going on in the front to give it a flirty twist.


Ted  Baker Glassy Fitted Dress  £169

I have this thing with tube dresses and i especially adored the detailings that was embedded on the bust area on this dress. This blue color tone is also just perfect for me, not too dark yet not too light.


Chloe & Reese Ruffle Dress £303

Surpisingly this dress is my idea of simplicity and yet its the most expensive one. This is a New York based label  but to be honest, i have not heard of it in my life, lol. So yeah, i like it and its perfect for a night out where you want to look effortlessly glam and not dressing OTT.


Dress to Party!

Miss Guided Tulip Sequin Dress £29.99

Again, this is another brand i have not heard of but its definitely a dress i would wear to impress when hitting the bars or clubs. I like glitz and sparks and this will surely make eyes turn 😉

Wacky Stylish Skirt

Topshop Stripe Velvet Skirt £40

I always am attracted to skirts with different shapes, patterns, or just out of the ordinary designs, and this is no exception. It carries a style between casual and sassy at the same time. Versatile is the key!

Photos from: Marie Claire UK Website

Okay, so the goal for tonight is shop til i drop!!!!  Wish me luck in finding some great stuff!!! I’ll post up pics if i do find any nice pieces so do come back and check out this entree my friends.

Happy Friday Shopping Everyone!!!!


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