H&M shopping spree – Friday night release!!!!

As promised by myself, i shopped until i dropped on Friday night and have to say, it was an exhaustingly pleasant experience as always. I freaking went into H&M for a quick look and some how managed to shop for 2ish hours and even sacraficed dinner time, lol.  Things we do for looking gorgeous eh? lol Here are the stuff i got and it came to a grand total of HKD806 for 5 pieces and that aint too bad right? 😉 SAY YES! Its the best bargain i’ve ever made, lol……ENJOY!!!:)

I absolutely fell in love with this peachy colored silk dress!!! Its just so cute, pretty, and comfortable – 3 functions in 1!!! (HKD249)

I instantly felt this cardigan had a Chanel touch to it for some reason. Maybe its the nude tone and the knitted patterns? (HKD299)

 I also got 2 cheap tops for basic wear as im seriously lacking this in my closet. I like how its a simple top but the puffy and lacey shoulders gives it that extra touch for a fun look. (HKD79.90)

This piece was one of my best bargain as i really needed a plain black skirt for work and it was super cheap!!! (HKD99)

That’s it for now peeps!!!


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