Happy Valentines to all the lovely ladies!

Yeh i am abit delayed in blogging but thats cuz i had a busy busy February month, with Valentines Day and Chinese New Year falling on the same day!!! So did everyone have a great Valentines Day with their other half this year??? 😀 Well, i cetainly had the bestest V-Day that i could ever ask for because my skat flew all the way to HK to surprise me and i was deeply touched:) We had dinner at Union Bar & Grille which served our fav greasy and fatty American food BUT at least we had a papaya chicken salad as one of the healthier choices,lol. The waitress was really sweet and gave us some lovely rose shaped chocolates for free too!!!

He got me a necklace and braclet from Dior. Its so simple yet elegant and i just love it. I love how it has the small details of the cute butterfly and discreet Dior logo. Its totally durable for daily wear in my opinion as its not too dramatic.  Tak skat!!!!!!!! So happy for everything that you’ve done for me!!!! 

We watched the movie “Valentines Day” during his stay in HK and i must say, it wasnt as good/funny as i expected it to be. But one part that i did find funny was when Jessica Biel said ” My closes relationship is with my blackberry, thank god it vibrates”, lol



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