Glamming it up at the Oscar

This year on March 7th  marked another special day in the calender for all the glamourous ladies  in America. Thats right, it was yet another time for the lovely Hollywood stars to show off their glits and glam for the 82nd Oscar and may i add, they never fail to impress us with their glamorous dresses!!! At the same time, some were just clearly victims waiting to be sighted by the fashion police,hehe.  


Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab  

 Of course my all time fav Rachel McAdams stays on top of my list for best outfit  because she is the definition of pure beauty, to me anyway. This dress has a dreamy effect to the eye where it carries alot of movement due to the different color toned flowers. Although this pale color isnt the ideal choice for an occasion like this, she still manages to pull it off gracefully. Way to go Rach!!!! 🙂    


Sandra Bullock in  Marchesa  

Sandra is one of the actresses out there that i truly admire and this year she did an excellent job arriving to the oscars in a  goldish silky gown, which was partially embedded with transparent flowers. And yes, she certainly deserved a nomination for best actress for “The Blind Side”!!!! 


Demi Moore in Versace 

What can i say? she doesnt age a day or year!!! I totally love the peachy color and i think it matches her skin tone super well. I like how her dress is so skin tight fitting on the top and gradually spreads out into layers of ruffles that is not too over the top. Its just oh sooo simple and elegant.  


Elizabeth Banks in Versace 

This dress was pretty much like any ball room dress but there was something about the color that just made me say “OMG, so pretty!!!”. Not one of my fav but definitely is a winner amongst the crowd.  

Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham

This was one of my most surprised appearances on the red carpet. I’ve never seen Miley  as sophisticated as this and truth be told, she suits it!!! This look suits her much more than the poppy rock chic image she normally displays out in public. 


Anna Kendrick in Elie Saab

This is one of the dresses that i like to label as “goddess dress”. The light pink/peachy color creates this calm and pure look to it, where the escalating drapery layering of the dress reminds me of the Greek goddeses, lol.


Kristen Stewart in Monique Lhuillier

It is great to FINALLY see the Twilight beauty “Bella” dressing up like a lady.  This dark blue gown just totally compliments her figure and wraps around at the right places. Most of all,  i love how the train of the dress is so dramatic but still isnt out of proportion. No more jeans with tees and converse shoes girl!!! This is what i like to see more of in the future Kristen!

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