Living in black and white


Im totally into the whole black and white look when it comes to interior design. There’s just something about contemporary design that i am attracted to, and the occasional random mismatch with bizarrely stuctured furnitures injected with splashes of exotic colors.  I can so imagine having a hot red sofa placed on the marble floor in the living room, and maybe a fireplace where i can cose up with my other half during the icy winters????? hehe

For some weird reason, the interior decor reminds me of “Alice in Wonderland”, the movie that is.  What do you think?the Anyhow, wishing you all a happy Friday and may this blog entree give you the inspiration to revamp your room, a task that i’ve been delaying for over a year,lol.

Oh…..and if you were wondering about my Friday night plans – im meeting an old best friend for dinner tonight to eat……….SALAD!!! Yes, how exciting eh? lol…But i know it’ll be a great night of gossips and laughter =P


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