Going back to basic – black pumps

So again we approach the weekend and what have i done so far? FYI, i certainly didnt tidying my room as planned but ended up dragging my lil lazy butt out to shop with mom and of course, it was quality time well spent! I been having this mental list of practical and timeless fashionable items that i must buy lately and i thought today would be a great opportunity to tick off at least one item from the list. The reason for this list of mine is so that i can define my needs against my wants. Ok  fine, maybe its just an excuse so i wont feel as bad when i flash out that credit card of mine and start my impulsive buying, haha. 

Anyhow, I couldnt believe what was the first thing i thought of on my list because it is sucha basic human need that every women should have and that is the basic black pumps! It is totally versatile and  the easiest item to start any outfit with, except sports wear i guess, hahaha. But i have spotted a trend of Converse look alike heels which i find a tad bit weird.

We went to this shopping mall in Sha Tin and window shopped for  2 freaking hours and finally i gave up due to hunger. We both stopped by Olivers Sandwich for some yummy and buttery baked potatoes sprinkled with spring onion and a hot cuppa tea:) I was so disappointed that i wasnt able to find a single pair of black pumps that made me fall head over heels for, and especially after raiding literally every single shoe shop that i saw. But  my shoe luck had not run totally dry because i spotted the perfect pair just when i passed by the local shopping mall! It was like totally unexcepted and i just saw them and thought “i gotta get them”. I got them from this shop called “Belle” (http://www.hk-belle.com/) which i’ve never heard of but i guess we have to try other brands to see if its good or not right? They are patent snake skin pumps instead of the practical solid black that i intended to hunt for but what is a girl to do right? lol… The heels are probably 3-4 inches but they’re so comfy as there’s a platform in the front to support my well deserved toes that always get all squashed together.

You guys like them?!!? Yah, they’re pretty plain but it was what i was looking for so im pretty happy with my purchase:D Pat on my back, haha. They’re perfect for work with a skirt or just casual attire with jeans. Im so gonna wear these to work on Monday if the weather permits! Please come out soon Mr. Sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!! But to tell you the truth, im still secretly hoping to find those solid black pumps of mine and so i started  browsing on ASOS’s website, and  i found these absolutely drop dead gorgeous pumps!!! Ahh….im all happy again:) So guess there is some sense in the saying, shoes are a girl’s best friend? Wait, or was that diamonds? hahahaha, u get the drift;)


ASOS POSH Bow Heeled Shoe

Jaeger Peep Toe Court Shoe

ASOS Harley



Miss KG Chloe Satin Peep Toe Heeled  Court

Steve Madden

 Have a shoeaholic day:)

 Photo Source: www.asos.com


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