Who stole the front cover the best on Glamour?

I was planning to do a “photo only” blog post today due to my laziness but who am i kidding? I just couldnt help but share a lil something that i found absolutely absurd and impossible. The thing is, i just realized outta the blue that i havent bought a fashion magazine for a few months and yes, thats almost a sinner eh?! So i took things into my own hands and immediately dashed to the nearest Dymocks to grab my fav Glamour. I meant to look for the UK edition but for a change, i decided to go for the US edition:) Interestingly, i discovered there were actually not just 1 or 2, but 3 covers with 3 different celebs for the April 2010 issue! I ended up getting the cover with Amanda Seyfried as it was the only one they had. The other 2 gorgeous beauties were Zoë Saldana and Leighton Meester. Here are their stunning front covers and one page spread photos!



I really think Amanda looks like a total sex bomb compared to her Mamma Mia days, and its liberating to know that its no biggie to look innocent and have sex appeal at the same time. Or would that be considered 2 faced? My second fav is Zoe because she just looks so sassy and there’s something classy yet chic about her apperance.  The black tight fitted suit fits her slim body like a glove and the revealing chest line is ever so sexy! Think she aint wearing a bra either? Im not a big fan of Leighton but she still looks fab in this issue so i gotta give her the credits or the whole cast who were behind this shot? lol…. But the question still remains, who do you think wore it best? Who nailed it to become Glamour’s hottest chic on the front cover April 2010 issue? For me, i give my salute to Amanda Seyfried for such a great transformation that is similar to a modernized version of Cinderella. 

And i’ll try using the remaining hours of my Sunday afternoon to spend it lazily in glamour style!! Wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Think eating choco chip cookies infront of the telly wearing my super sexy H&M  black tube dress and my new black pumps!!!! hahaha. Not exactly my definition of comfy tho….

Photo Source: www.glamour.com


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