Fam Irvoll – watch out for this new creation in fashion:)

Last night i accidently stumbled across this article about this Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll and she absolutely blew me away.  There seems to be so much life and energy in the clothes that she makes and its definitely not for the faint hearted (Lady Gaga is one of her fans so you go figure, lol).  All in all, her fashion statements are more about fun,bright colors and alot of visual effects to play with. Apparently her inspirations comes from Alice in Wonderland, cake,candy, toys, or anything that is vibrant and alive. If you’re interested in something less commercial then you must check her website out on  www.famirvoll.com  !!!

I actually saw this really creative and cute video on her website where they remake scenes from Alice in Wonderland. Its just soo cute!!! And yes, some of the designs in the video are by Fam, as well as some other Norwegian designers.

Oslo Fashion Week –  A/W 2010 “House of Fun” Catwalk

Check out her cat walk – the Fam way that is! Trust me, its truly funny, interactive and entertaining, haha

 As you can see, its all about colors, fun and the cutesy stuff that reminds me of young girl’s childhood. Love how she incorporates cutey stuff like lollipop,balloon, hairbands, polka dots, elephant stuffed toy, and etc. She even designed for kids!!! Imagine young girls getting all glammed the fun way:) Youngsters in this day and age just seem to be getting all the good stuff eh;) 

I am amazed by her innovative way of designing clothes and especially in presenting a catwalk!!! So thinking out the box if you ask me. Oh, and i heard she’ll be making a collection with Top Shop real soon so anyone in England, stay tuned!! And guess what?? Im going to London for a 2 weeks vacay in May!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, so EXCITEDDDDDDDDDDDD……….!!!!! Keep u all posted:)

“House of Fun Collection”



Photo Source: http://www.famirvoll.blogspot.com/,www.famirvoll.com , http://www.norwegianfashion.no, http://intoyoureyes.com/blog/fam-irvoll-house-of-fun/



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