My Easter starts with Namie Amuro

Its a Thursday night and my 5 days Easter break has finally started, and i feel completely lazy to blog tonight, lol. Soo… a little Easter treat, i decided to post up some wonderful photos of my fav Japanese Pop singer NAMIE AMURO!!!! For those of you who dont know her, she was a big hit back in the 90’s with songs like “a walk in the park”, “body feels exit”, “can you celebrate?” and the list goes on.  Dont get me wrong, she’s still big in Japan and continues to promote herself religiously. But I have to admit and i actually even feel bad for saying this,  i havent really been digging her music lately as her style turned towards American wannabe RnB, lol. Despite all that, she is still looking gorgeous and did i mention, she’s 33  and with a son who’s around 10 or so!!!!  Gosh….so envious, lol. Ohhhh and she’s actually one quarter Italian incase you wonder why she looks abit mix;)

One of my fav songs by her – Say the word (she looks so gorgeous in the MV!!!!)


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