Art jamming in Fox Hotel

If you happened to be travelling to Denmark for this Easter break and wanna experience something totally different and out of the normality, then staying at the Fox Hotel may just be the answer.  Fox Hotel is situated in the  heart of Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen. I haven’t personally stayed in this hotel before and so i sadly cant give any feed backs on it, but i read up on their website and the concept really got to me.

It  started in 2005 where Wolksvagan Fox was launching out and 21 artists from around the world in the fields of graphic design, urban art, design, and illustration were called out to work on this big scale project, which is known as today’s Fox Hotel. This hotel has 61 rooms and they all consist of different designs so getting bored of one room will not be an issue at all!!!:)  I would say alot of art jamming went into these rooms and im sure experiencing these rooms in real person will be totally awesome!!!  Below are a few of my fav rooms.

If anyone has the chance to stay at the Fox Hotel then please let me know how the experience was!!! And of course if i do ever stay at the Fox, i’ll be posting photos up whether you want me to or not, haha. I was actually thinking which room i will choose if i have a choice. I probably will go for the full on exotic red room , Japanese inspired room with the red walls, the whitish room with a chandelier that has a royal look to it, and the black and white room with a woman on the wall. Wow, that was quite alot, lol. So what’s your favorite pick?!!??  

Gosh, its getting late, i need to go chill and watch a DVD or something:D

Happy Bunny Hopping…..and eat lots of chocolate easter eggs & bunnies!!!!

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2 responses to “Art jamming in Fox Hotel

  1. LOVE this hotel. I think my favorite is the one with the chandelier and white furry rug. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll and Happy Easter!

    • CinZilicious

      Thanks for the comment MaunderingMe! I agree, that room is really stylish and posh looking,lol…Anyhow, have a great easter yourself!!! 🙂

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