First Easter night out

The Easter Break suddenly hit me hard last night when i went out drinking with my girls in Soho, Central. The long ally ways leading up to hidden bars and clubs that are normally  filled with dressy people, drunks, businessmen, and super hypered gays, was suddenly disserted and quiet. Now im sure not the entire population of Hong Kong went off to enjoy a great vacay but somehow it was just not the typical Friday night i would normally see. Or maybe its just that all the party animals  migrated  off to other exotic islands to party some more?? lol….

Whatever the cause for this temporary migration, i soon realized that this was not such a bad thing after all. You see, we went to our usual bar “Sahara”, and managed to get the sofa seats which we as regulars never ever had the chance to do so in the past! It was always mega packed when we went there for some reason. Anyways, we enjoyed the comfy seats and had the entire view of the bar and saw quite some exciting things that unfolded as the night went on. First event of the night, not long after i sat down, a woman opposite our table  was annoucing out loud and proud that the dude she was with was super drunk and i just immediately thought, gosh you’re just so out of it that you dont even know who is drunk and that poor dude just sat there smiling at her.  Moments later, i saw this Chinese guy coming in speaking fluent English who had a friend by his side that looked some what like Mike Myers!!!  I swear i could not stop starring at him and thank god they were playing their own little poker game and couldnt care the world about my stares, not that he noticed. The night just went abit more steamy when i noticed this couple who could not get their hands off each other. The guy was literally going down her throat and as she went to the ladies room, he kept starring at her back  until she vanished in the background. Not long after they left and were smiling and gazing into each others eyes deeply, i somehow found it sweet in a way. Of course i was enjoying my night away too with the girls sipping on Morrocan tea,white wine, and had somy delicious nann bread with hummus and eggplant dip!!! I guess girls are good at multitasking wont you say? 

The party lasted til about 4am for me and i woke up at 1pm today!!! Well, its a holiday so i say its by law that we can sleep in til whenever we want. Its the best opportunity to just chill and rejuvenate our bodies through resting,eating, and being a couch potatoe while watching Ugly Betty:) ohhh…..I suddenly started thinking about my Europe trip today and i got soooo excited!!! So there’s still 6 weeks to go but who cares, i like to start my planning early. This equals to good management skills, hehe. This is what my itinerary looks like so far:

HK – London, UK

London, UK – Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark – Dublin, Ireland

Dublin,Ireland – London, UK

London, UK – HK  –> HOME SWEET HOME!!!!

Man that is one hellah packed holiday im diving into!! Well, i shouldnt complain cuz im blessed to even be having a 2 weeks break away from work!!! I just really need some time away from my daily routines. And I absolutely miss all the shopping, galleries, markets,musical theaters, and local foods in London and Copenhagen!!! This is gonna be my first time going to Dublin though so im quite looking forward in exploring this historical city, and of course it’s my skat’s home town so more the reason to see it with my own eyes:) 


House of Parliment – London

Nyhavn – Copenhagen

 Hope you all are having a fab Easter Break and didnt get any pranks on April’s Fool Day:P

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2 responses to “First Easter night out

  1. Con Con

    Yo! Happy Easter babe! Det er jo altid rart at være sammen med dine piger ik? Jeg er total envious at du skal til Europa snart…selvom jeg skal til Koh Samui og Shanghai samme månede…men, det er jo ikke helt det samme vel. Du må altså ikke glemme at købe en fed gave fra Urban Outfitters el. Topshop til dine piger ik? heheheh! Anyways, keep up your blogging!!! Practice makes perfect! Add Oil!!!! (Did u notice this has been a tri-lingual comment????LOL)

  2. CinZilicious

    Godt paske ferie til dig skat!!:) It was a great nite indeed and we should do it again soon!!! Man, i’m envious of u going to Koh Samui but i guess we’re both lucky to even have the chance to get away from this crazy city,lol.

    Yep yep, of cuz i’ll rememba to get my lovely babes some goodies from Europe,hehe. og tak for din tips idag om min blog, lol….ciao!!!

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