I miss you…grandma

On a more personal and emotional note, today was the day i had to go  to China to visit the grave of my ancestors and grandparents which takes place every year. Normally this would not mean as much to me but this year was very different because it was the first time ever in my life that i had to stand infront of my grandma’s grave. You see, my grandma who had the greatest smile on earth and hands as powerful as superwoman, had passed  away on Halloween (Oct 31st,2009).  I still get emotional when i replay that last moments i shared with her. I remember quickly rushing out my flat after getting an emergency call from my mom saying that grandma was in a  very critical condition and that all families were to come immediately. I was the first to arrive to the hospital to spend a few minutes alone with her while i was holding her freezing cold hand. The nurse arrived not long after telling me that grandma had gone to a better place but it was as if i couldnt get to terms with the whole situation and thought i heard wrong. I kept thinking that i was dreaming and that she would wake up and just talk to me or even yell at me, just like back in the days. She left peacefully that early afternoon and i told her i was with her at the time, and somehow replaying that moment always makes me feel better.

I never thought i’d see this day coming and i sometimes still feel that she’s here but just gone away for a long vacation. But I’ll never forget the days we spent together in the  flat where she baked those yummy Chinese style cakes and when i went to visit her at the old aged home for chit chats and eating goodies that i bought her, hehe. I didnt have a single drop of tear today grandma and thats because i wanted you to see a happy me and i’m glad i accomplished that little task of me:) I truly miss you alot grandma but i know you’re in a better place now:) And no worries,  I’ll be paying you a visit again very soon, Sept to be exact.

P.S. Hope you and grandpa liked the lovely flowers and food we all got you today!!!

 Photo Source:  http://www.thesmilies.com



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2 responses to “I miss you…grandma

  1. Con Con

    R.I.P Cinz’ grandma!

  2. CinZilicious

    Thanks babes:)

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