Victoria’s Secret – The Nakeds Spring Collection 2010

I been thinking of getting some new lingeries lately to give an uplift to my undies and bras drawer and thats when i saw The Nakeds Spring 2010 collection by VS. This collection totally rocks my boat as im a big fan of leopard prints!!!! I still remember the very first time i stepped into a VS store nearby Lafayette, New York.  It was too good to be true, like a little girl gazing at a candy shop and doesnt know what to pick because it all looks so yummalicious!!! If you got time, you should definitely hit a VS store nearby you or shop online at for this Spring Collection!!! Unfortunately, Hong Kong doesnt have any VS stores yet and shipping overseas is so darn expensive. I’ll just have to look at these hot photos and models for now:) For the record, it still means im on the hunt for some new and sexy lingeries, hehehe.

The Nakeds TV Commercial

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2 responses to “Victoria’s Secret – The Nakeds Spring Collection 2010

  1. Con Con

    Wish I owned a body like any one of them!

  2. CinZilicious

    hell yeah, i wish for that too! lol ur not that bad tho, hahaha near their standards, lol

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