Garden Collection by H&M

Spring has finally arrived and so its no wonder that floral prints are popping up wherever i go these days. Its exciting to be spotting all these colorful prints and its made me want to go on a shopping spree!!! I actually went into H&M a few days ago and found out that they had launched a garden collection for this Spring season. I was super thrilled and everything just seemed all rainbow and sunshine to me:) Their collection is mostly based on floral prints, colorful patterns, and a few cute mini skirts and dresses. The plus factor is that their fabric is really soft and light, which is just right for this weather to let our delicate skin breath again. Sadly everything was almost gone or did not have my size when i got there but i might try my luck in another shop.

 So have you girls picked up any of your fav pieces  from the garden collection yet and if so, which one is your favorite??!?!? I personally like the dress in the 3rd and 5th photo. You cant  see the 5th photo clearly but it was absolutely stunning when i saw it in the shop. Althought i cant have any of these gorgeous dresses at the moment, I did manage to buy this cute floral skirt when i went to China and for a good bargain too, HK$40 to be exact!!! What you think??? Yes or No??

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One response to “Garden Collection by H&M

  1. Con Con

    I heart the Garden Collection from H&M….actually….I HEART H&M!!!!!!!

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