Thought of the day – ballet flats

I know that for those who know me very well will wonder why the heck my thought for the day involves ballet flats. If anything, ballet flats will be the last thing on earth you’ll catch me in!!! Yes, im a pumps,stilettos, heels, or whatever you wanna call them, kinda girl.

So the story began when i started the adventure of my so called brief (1 hour and 30 mins to be precise,lol) shopping spree in H&M. Yes, i went to H&M again but this time it was another store and as expected, i was out of luck with the organic garden collection. I walked back and forth endlessly i tell ya, and literally everything was wiped out and the only remaining sizes were Euro 40,42, and 44. I actually managed to find a size 38 of one floral top on the manniquin but the damn sales dude said it was only for display purposes. Gosh, i wanted to have a go at him but i calmly walked away like a lady,lol.  

After hours of shopping, i only ended up buying one black silky and lacey top and a thick black belt. It was  then i  realized how sore and tired my feet were and i thought “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh if only i could wear some ballet flats now!!!”. Yah, i gotta say, heels are a pain but they just look so pretty!!! Although i have to admit, there are actually some ballet flats out there that have dual function – comfort and style. I was just surfing the net on this London based ballet flats brand “French Sole” and they got some pretty neat stuff. They got so many different designs that its crazy. Anyhow, here are few of their designs that i like.

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2 responses to “Thought of the day – ballet flats

  1. They have some really cute flats. I’m also a pump/heel/stiletto girl myself but when I’m at the office, I like to walk around in flats. I love the printed flats, they are cute =)

  2. CinZilicious

    Yes i love the leopard print flats:) I actually wore flats back on my way home tonight,lol

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