Gallery art work by Sabine Pigalle

Found these really amazing gallery art work by Sabine Pigalle who is based in Paris. Love the black and white color scheme added in with the splash of vibrant colors in the mix. There’s a strong connection between femininity and nudity exhibited here, which i some how find really alluring in the fashion sense. You can find more of her great art work on her website Sabine Pigalle.

Courtesy of Sabine Pigalle and Louise Alexander Gallery (

Photo Source



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3 responses to “Gallery art work by Sabine Pigalle

  1. Thank you for your interest in my work…
    However, would you please change the title of the rubrick because my work is not fahion photography but artwork shown in galleries… I wouldn’t want that people have an inexact perception of my work … 🙂
    In advance, thank you !
    warm regards
    sabine Pigalle

  2. Cinilicious

    Sorry about that ! i’ll edit it:) But i really luv ur work,its really arty and eye catching! Keep up the good work!!!

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