Time for DIY Fashion Accesory!!!

I was just reading  the iconic fashion blog when i came across a little DIY project that blogger Lisa Chau wrote about and its pretty neat.  She teaches you how to make a DIY version of the Dries Van Noten necklace made of bangles/rings. I think its a really great idea and i’ll attempt to give it ago in the near future,lol. All the details and photos below are taken from her blog and so no credits go to me;) Do check her blog out as it’s got alot of juicy fashion news!!!!

What do you need?

  • Black velvet ribbon (Approx 30cm)
  • Various bangles and rings of all shapes, colours and sizes. (It looks best when you stick to one theme)
  • Vintage rings
  • Big beads and buttons

What to do?

  • Knot the top of one end of the ribbon leaving about an 8cm gap from the edge of the ribbon to the centre area.
  • Tie the first ring to the knot so that the rings don’t fall off the string.
  • Thread through some vintage rings of all shapes, colours and sizes to the end of the knot.
  • Finish that section by tying another ring in a knot so that you can start the other section.
  • Put your bangles through the string in a fancy order to best achieve the desired result.
  • Knot the edge to finish off leaving extra string space at the end of the neckpiece to tie on.
  • Tie back edges together to complete.

Enjoy and have fun with this Fashion DIY project!!!:)

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