Become a fashion stylist – just for fun;)

Ever since i started blogging again in Jan 2010, i’ve been searching for all sorts of fashion blogs to get inspirations,ideas, and basically just finding a way to create a better blog. In the process of it all, i came to realize that blogging can be time consuming but also fun, as long as you have a passion for what you write about.  Fashion has by furthest, given me the motivation and crave to keep blogging and i really think i’ve found my niche in the blogging world!!!:) So i was absolutely thrilled when i came across polyvore which is like a fashion community that allows you to create your own look and style by using real fashion products and designer brands. Anyone can sign up with them and its for free, so what else you waiting for?!?! Go create your first ever fashionista look and enjoy the fun! Here is my first ever created fashion collection called Ballerina Princess. What you all think? Any comments or advice much appreciated:)

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