Top trendsets list for 2010

Ironically, i dont really have a trend set that i follow as im more the type to wear whatever  i like. Although I’ve been told by 3 friends this week that the majority of my outfits consists of shocking colors or loads of prints/patterns. I suppose i do lack variation in my style but the biggest fashion crime i’ve commited  and its a wonder why i never noticed, is that i hardly have any basic wear. It is basic and simple and at times, that is all we need to look fabulous without too much effort. Anyhowww, here are some trends for the year that i find quite inspiring and hopefully you do too:)  

Trend Attack  for Spring/Summer 2010



Hot Pants



Denim Jackets

Military/Soldier Jackets

Tie Dye

Trends that may not always be  trendy but that i still “heart”


Cobalt Blue

Leather Jackets

Leggings like the Linsey way!

Photo Source: The Fashion Time Magazine / Hip Girlie


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