Be my twin pretttieee please????

You ever wondered what it would be like if you had a twin sister while growing up as a young girl, and just imagined all the girly stuff you could do together? Well, as a young kid, i was usually home alone with my cousin trying on my mom’s make up (think Lancome red matte lipstick and rainbow colored eyeshadows,lol) and any of her heels that we could find, and strutted a mini catwalk in my living room. Yes, i started to enjoy glamming up at a very young age i just realized. But it was truly fun doing all the dress up,hair,make up and the occasional role play of housewife,  where we ate our home made liver pate sandwich.  

So my question to you ladies out there,  you reckon you would want a twin sister of the exact same age,size,and fashion interest?? Not  a bad thought eh? Dont get me wrong, I actually have a lovely older sister who i love to bits and pieces  but we just share none of the 3 factors mentioned previously,lol. Anyways, i just thought it be a fun idea to ponder on for a stress free Saturday afternoon.

The photos below were taken from the Vogue Nippon  June 2010 issue titled “Just the Two of Us” and indeed it is! I wouldn’t mind holding a doggie, eating stawberries, or hugging a gigantic bottle of Chanel No. 5, in twin sister style. Twinhood never looked this beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?;)

Photo Source: Fashion Gone Rogue/Styleite



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2 responses to “Be my twin pretttieee please????

  1. Gabriëlle

    That’s pretty! Isn’t that the Dutch model, Patricia van der Vliet?

  2. CinZilicious

    Yep, that is her. You know your stuff eh? 🙂

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