Im back!!!

Yes i know i have disappeared for an entire month but its ok, im back now!!! I have just been going through some personal issue for the past month and it was a roller coaster, but i’m glad that its over. Unfortunately, this has also meant that my Europe trip has  been postponed until Julst 31st, which is soooo annoying.

Anyhow, i’m just giving a quick update to let you all know that i’m still alive and kicking, and that my blogging will be active again, and hopefully i’ll keep it going consistently!!!! I will try my very best to post more stuff later on but one thing for sure that has got me excited is……..Sex and the City 2! Yes, i know its out in the states already but as im in Hong Kong, i gotta wait for June 10!!!!  Oh well, i’ve waited this long so i’m sure that bit more of a wait won’t kill me, hehe.

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