Namie Amuro at the ‘World Music Awards 2010′

This year’s  World Music Awards 2010 took place at Monte Carlo, Manaco on May 18th, and with an abundant list of well recognised artists from the music business, such as  J Lo, Kelly Rowland, Black Eyed Peas, Akon, and many more. Now normally i don’t take much note of this event but that all changed when i read that my fave Jap singer Namie Amuro attended the event! I was like totally over the moon and so happy  that she had added another achievement in her music career and better yet, she received the  “Best Selling Asian Artist” award. She even had the opportunity to perform one of her lastest songs “Hide and Seek” taken from the album Past<Future!!!  This is pretty big news considering Asian artists don’t normally get recognised at this scale but i think this is changing and at a fast pace too:) And to think Paris Hilton was standing next to her on stage as well!!!  OMG OMG……gosh, i really cant hide my excitement can i, i’m just sooooo happy for her sucess and fame,  go go Namie!!!! She’s really globally exposed now, wont you say?…….lol

“Namie photos taken from the WMA 2010”

She looks sooo cute!!!

A rougher military outfit gives an edgy feel to her look:)

On stage performance

Namie’s big moment with America’s well known Paris Hilton;)

Photo Source: Namie News Network


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