Hello Kitty coin purse and Kit Kat choco all the way from Japan!!!!:)

One of my good friends recently came back from a short holiday in Tokyo, Japan and got me this super cute and petite gift!!! She bought me a  Hello Kitty coin purse and green tea flavored Kit Kat chocolate bar!!! Yes, i have a thing with trying all sorts of  food that isn’t in it’s original flavor, its just so much more interesting, hehe. Actually the Kit Kat choco bar came in a box but my mom ate the other packet!!! So that’s why you only see one packet of choco bar in the photo below incase you’re wondering, lol.  Anyhow, so her reason for getting me this coin purse is that it reminded her of me – cute and petite??????? Hm……..well whatever, i’m loving it and i’ve been using it everyday so bite me, lol. Just to let you know though, i’m not  a Hello Kitty fan, haha.

Please kindly click on images to enlarge:)


This is how it looks when it’s opened

That’s my hand so you can see how petite the coin purse is!!!


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One response to “Hello Kitty coin purse and Kit Kat choco all the way from Japan!!!!:)

  1. OMG!! The petite size makes it super cute. I know you’re not a huge Hello Kitty fan but this is so subtle and doesn’t scream “Hello Kitty” so it’s perfect. The box that it came in is adorable too! Packaging gets me all the time lol. And you already know how I feel about those awesome flavor Kit Kats hehe 🙂

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