What’s your street style?

I must admit, there’s something about looking at what people are wearing when i’m on the streets, and its like my eyes just automatically scan from head to toe, lol. Who knows, it could be an addiction of mine because i seriously do it all the time!!!  I saw some great street styles on The Sartorialist blog by Scott Schuman, who by the way takes amazing photos of natural fashion beauty:) I’m sure alot of fashionistas out there will have come across his blog right? If you have been hiding in a cave for the past years and haven’t heard of him, then i urge you to check out his blog….like right about NOW!

Anyways, here are a few picks that i really like and especially the full on denim lady with a cute and innocent smile.  The lady dressed in different tones of beige makes it look so simple and stylish, a look that looks like you didn’t have to put much into it. I actually think dressing to look or feel good is a skill because i’ve seen some hideous people dressed in all the wrong ways you can think of! Last but not least, i love how the Asian woman uses a scarf to make a headband ribbon to accesorise her hair. Quite functional piece of garment won’t you say? hehehe


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