Black VS White in Fashion…

Samantha Cole is another British designer that we better keep our eyes on! In fact,  her brand Samantha Cole London has already received the Best Womenswear Design for her S/S 09 collection during Fashion Week ,so she means business ladies!!!

What I admire about her design is how she incorporates all three elements in the designs – structure, texture, and shape. Her inspirations derive from modern architecture but i somehow find it more robotic, what do you think?  I guess it isn’t really something you would wear on a daily basis but great to see more innovative designers out there!

Hair: Kim Roy
Model: Kayt Webster-Brown
Make-up: Sandra Bermingham
Stylist: Samantha Cole for Samantha Cole London

Photo Source: Trendland



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4 responses to “Black VS White in Fashion…

  1. asrai7

    Wow, this design IS really innovative. I enjoy the sharp, clean lines, and the powerful prescence of the design itself!

  2. Cinilicious

    i know, thats what i think too. Some people just really think outside the box:) Drop by my blog again for new updates if u have time, cheers!

  3. Gabriëlle

    Wow, you go Samantha Cole! Very awesome. Do you know the designer Iris van Herpen? She is also very innovative.

    To answer your question on my blog, haha, nó! I would not wear that jeans with one skinny and one wide leg myself!

  4. Cinilicious

    Hi Gabrielle,

    To answer your question too, nope i havent heard of Iris van Herpen but i’ll check her out for sure!:)

    and thank god u agree with me about the skinny and wide legged jeans, lol – its just weird!

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