Luscious lips…

I came across these two  fabulous make up artists who makes lips look absolutely sooooooo sexy and fashionable:) Please check out Julie Begin and Charlotte Willer for their great lippy make up art work!!!! The photos below are taken from their websites. Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you all for now!!!! 😉


Photo Source: Julie Begin

Photo Source: Charlotte Willer




Filed under Art, Beauty, Photography

2 responses to “Luscious lips…

  1. I’ve never really thought that lips could be so interesting before now. But doesn’t it strike you as kind of disturbing that a bunch of the pictures that don’t have to do with food are somehow related to death/decay?

  2. Cinilicious

    lol…good point, didnt notice it til u mentioned it as i was fixated with the pretty glossy lips;) But i do agree, the beetle one is abit OTT, haha

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