Saturday casual chic look

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon today  and with that comes humidity, hotness, and stickiness – yuck!!!! It’s definitely not a nice feeling but i decided to not let this sort of weather put me down and will dress to impress myself! It’s the easiest to just slip on a plain tee and shorts, and pair it with some comfy flats during times like this. Of course my Ray Ban shades are a must and with a few accesories to complete the look, i’m more than ready see what the lovely city has to offer!!! I feel good already!!! There’s no better feeling than feeling good about yourself and loving what you see in the mirror or when you catch a glimpse of your reflection as you walk by window shops (admit it, i know you all have done it at some point in time, lol). 

I will be going out to meet Conni to check out this new Italian restaurant “Carpaccio Casa” tonight and I’m really looking forward to the food and of course some girl time!!! I somehow find it really exciting and enjoyable when i go out to town to discover new restaurant outings, and the best is you don’t know what to expect. I’ll post pics later but for now i gotta get ready to go out.

A couple hours later……

“Carpaccio Casa”


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