“Orly” all the way

The weather has been abit rainy and gloomy lately and I can’t deny that my mood hasn’t turned for the worse.  But this all changed last week when i accidently stumbled across this shop that had like over gazillion tiny bottles of nail polish sitting there all colorful and sparkly. You should have seen me, i felt like i was a young girl again in this candy shop lured by all the colorful treats that were awaiting me. I was told by the sales lady that the brand “Orly” is from the states and that celebrities like Beyonce uses it too.  They also carry other lines like “L.A. Girls” with funky matte colors and “Color Club” with eye blinding neon colors. Yep, the options are endless!!!  I have to say that this accidental discovery will certainly help ease my mood swings on rainy days, even if its just a quick fix, 😉

Photo Source: Spice Beauty

Anyhow, I ended up purchasing 2 products (it was hard trust me, with all those colors and choices, lol). I bought this top coat by “Orly” called “WONT CHIP” which the lovely sales lady kept trying to sell me, and i sure hope it will live up to its promise of a 2 weeks “won’t chip”  life span, hehe. You know how annoying nail color chipping can get right?! I also bought this gorgeous turquoise/greenish color from “Color Club”  called Eddie that i absolutely adore. The color is really striking and perfect for the summer. Their Spring 2010 Sweet Color Collection has really summery colors too and i look forward in bringing home the lovely darlings soon.  They are just too good to be missed and they have the cutest name ever such as Cotton Candy and Gumdrop, which already sounds tasty, lol. Below are just a few collections but you can view the rest at  Orly Diva.

Orly Bloom Spring Collection Orly High Voltage Collection

Orly Tiki Time Collection

My “Eddie” nail polish

So what nail polish color will you be flashing this summer? 😉


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