Fashion “must haves”

I always try to stay updated about fashion so that i can make practical choices about what to buy but that is 99.5%  never the case. In fact, i would like to think i’m more of a compulsive shopper who is most of the time in denial. Of course money comes into account but if the clothes are affordable and i like it, i’m afraid i won’t be leaving the shop without them, lol. I’ve been like this for quite some years now where i won’t fail at all to find replication  in my pile of clothes that  consists of colorful skirts, leopard print tops, floral dresses, silky tops, and etc. 

How my clothing hang rack looks like at the moment

And for that reason and a super duper late new year resolution,  i decided to track down the basic fashion staples out there that suits my style, so i can make better choices when i go shopping.  Here are just a few ones that i think are practical and timeless.

A black blazer is a timeless piece that’s very verstatile in terms of style. You can look casual when pairing  with jeans and a tee, and instantly look all corporate with black pants and a blouse. Most importantly, you have to find a blazer that will fit you like a glove to accentuate those curves you got. 

Flats are a must fashion staple. They are a  great alternative to our sky rocketing 3 inches heels that we adore so much.  What i love most about flats is their dual function of style and comfortable. It’s a win win situation.

Striped shirts can be one of those very casual looks and yet, still have the power to revive any plain outfit. You can pair it with jeans, shorts, or tuck it in a monotoned skirt and you are all set.

Flared jeans is a must for all womankind. It’s another  timeless piece that will go with flats, boots, and heels. Basically any footwear will do for this one.

Accessories can transform an outfit instantly and especially when it comes to necklaces that is out to make an statement. You can wear it with a simple top and casual jeans to complete the look.

I’m a fan of the leopard prints and it really adds that sexy but chic factor to a simple outfit. Leopard print scarf is another way of accesorizing without trying too hard.

 Apart from being good leg warmers during the cold seasons, black tights do wonders in making you look slimmer. Of course, it’s also a good camouflage for those that have imperfect legs but still want to wear skirts or short dresses (yes, that will definitely be me!).

Photo Source: In style


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