Summer like Dior

Yes, i can say that summer has really kicked in today, with temperatures boiling at 30 degrees celcius and along with a 74% in humidity. I have to admit,  i don’t like the humidity at all but the sunshine really does the trick in lightening up your mood and makes you just smile for a split second:) Of course, that is providing you’re not in the rush hour rushing to work in your 3 inch heels, hahaha. Fine….jokes aside,  summer is the best season to embrace (i think so anyway) and you got the pretty flowers everwhere blossoming out in super lovely colors. Of course, we also get to show off our hot summery dresses and let our feet breath some fresh air for once because god knows, we need a break from our sexy pumps at times. 

So i was quite hyped up when i saw what was instored for the Christian Dior Couture Fall 2010 collection. All the models were put into flowery inspired dresses screaming with vibrant colors, textures, and lusting eyes and lips make up.  For me, i think there was alot of movement in the style and i loved the suede bright colored sandels that had strapes which reminded me of flower stems, lol. Is that a crazy thought or what? I have weird imagination eh, lol. Anyhow, here are some of the photos from the collection, enjoy! 

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2 responses to “Summer like Dior

    • Cinilicious

      yeah, i suppose so:)You most likely won’t see this in real life but looks great on the catwalk, lol

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