I heart cupcakes:)

I love cupcakes. I love how they look so colorful and all that thick frosting on top is just irresistible! To me, cupcake is  a piece of art with all the creativity, styles, and flavoring that goes in it. Unfortunately, there’s not alot of cupcake shops in Hong Kong and it’s a real bummer.  But i have to say, one of my favorite cupcake shops in town is definitely Complete Deelite. It was established in 2004 by Jacinta Yu who worked in the fashion business in New York, prior to her Complete Deelite creation. You can check her blog out here to enjoy her delicious cupcakes, cakes, and etc!!! Here are a few that i wanna eat right this moment, and they look fashionable enough to be eaten too, hehe.

Alfred DunhillKiehl’sWedgwoodTiffany & Co. (love this one!!)

I also discovered another cupcake goddess Amber Vander, who is all the way in los olivos, California. But that won’t stop me from admiring her delicious cupcakes at Enjoy Cupcakes. I like the idea how she has a cupcake trailer that goes around with her for special events and celebrations. It’s kind of like, i go wherever the business takes me, lol. But it’s a creative and practical concept in the sense that you’re delivering your service to the client’s door step. Why can’t we have something like that here?! haha. Below are some photos of her shop and it’s to die for!

“The Cupcake Trailer”

Photo Source


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