Summer Look Book 2010

I’m off to London in exactly two weeks and yet, i feel like i’m totally not ready for it, fashion wise anyway. I guess this calls for a wardrobe revivial. Of course, i’ve got tons of clothes but its just those moments where i feel like nothing looks right on me.  As always, i rely on In Style because they never fail to provide great fashion tips and advices. Here are just a few picks that i think are great essentials for that summery holiday look.

Jean shorts are great for cooling off during hot summers like this. It’s casual and chic, and you can wear them in flats or heels. Versatile indeed.

The loose fit style for these khaki pants makes it a perfect option when you’re travelling abroad to explore the city. Comfort is the key. 

Maxi dresses are the hype for this summer. It’s casual and stylish, and can be worn  both day and night time.

By adding beaded textures to your outfit, it becomes more alive and gives an instant spark to your look.

I love love love leopard prints (i don’t know how many times i have to stress over that fact,lol) and to give a touch of leopard-ness to my summer look, i say yes please! It’s a print that will work all year around.

Bright shades of colors are always the way to go for those summer nights. It’s a look that calls for style without looking too casual while you’re enjoying  a night out in town.

On the other hand, for more glamorous evening outings, you can option for a sparkly outfit to bring out the fun in you. They key is to not over do it by adding solid colors, such as a black jacket or black pants. 

Summer is the perfect time to bring out the braids look, especiall those cutsey side braids. It’s easy to do, hassle free, and it still looks ooohhh so pretty.

It can be quite high maintenance to have smokey or sparkly eye make up in the summer heat. Go for an easier option, with the hot red lips that gives you a glam look in no time.

Last but not least, here is a glimpse into what i’m feeling for this summer. This is my summer mood board, it’s so inviting isn’t it?!? I can’t get enough of bright colors, such as the bright yellow dress and turquoise accessories. Red hot lipgloss is definitely on my list so i can look freshened up in no time! Then there will be my caffeine fix at London’s local Costa coffee shop while i grab a British copy of the In Style magazine, lol. Gosh, i’m getting all excited about my trip already!!! 🙂

Summer mood board 

 Do you have any summer style inspirations for this year? If so, please give any comments or advices because i would love to know. Sharing is caring right? hehe



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