Trend Alert: Jumpsuits/playsuits

Okay, i admit, jumpsuits/playsuits aren’t the easiest fashion pieces to wear, especially with all the hassle  when visiting the ladies room, and i know 99.9% of the male population are disgusted by them. But…! I have to say that i think they’re kinda pretty and unique in style.  It’s a trend that i reckon wont last in the long run but a fun trend to play with, while it lasts. So guess what? I went to H&M last month and ended up buying a leopard printed playsuit,hehehe. I haven’t worn it yet and i’m still waiting for the right moment to wear it (definitely a taboo at work). Jumpsuits/playsuits can be tricky to wear and in fact, not everyone can pull off this look, without looking like you’re walking on the streets in your pajamas, lol. 

What do you all think then? Are these lovely suits here to stay or go? For me, i’ll say please stay! These lovely darlings can stay around for abit longer just like the Aladdin pants, aka the  harem pants. I actually got the term Aladdin pants from my best friend Pui yee. Tak skat, you’re too funny! lol 

Catwalk time with jumpsuits/playsuits

Celebrities in jumpsuits/playsuits

Above images via Photo Source 


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