“Fresh” your way to beauty

The first time i bought a product from Fresh was in London during my uni years, and amongst all the products, i ended up getting the Cleansing Balm With Lemon Oil. I never ever regretted buying it, and i still remember the lovely citrus smell to it that was so refreshing! Ahhhh…..

So when i received an email from a colleague to get free samples for Fresh’s  Soy Face Cleanser (2ml), Soy Face Cream (4ml), and Mamaku Night Serum (2ml), i jumped right at it! The sizes are small but hey, it’s for free!!! Anyway, i started looking at their products and asked if there were any lip balms to recommend because i’ve been looking for a good lip balm for ages!!! Seriously, i’ve tried Elizabeth Arden and some other cheaper brands (Nivea, Vaseline, Carmex, Burt’s Bee, etc) but none of them seemed to work! Well, Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour lip balm worked for awhile and then my lips got chappy again, sigh. So this lovely sales lady introduced these two Fresh lip balms to me, and she smeared it on to my hand. She introduced the Rose and the Original flavor to me and they both felt quite oily and moisturizing (that’s a good sign right?). Then again,i prefer the original more as the Rose had a funny smell and a tint of color to it. Yes, i’m looking for a colorless lip balm incase you were wondering. I’m still thinking if i should get  it but i might wait until i got to London next week  as they are cheaper there,hehe.

Lip Balms

I’ve also tried their Sugar Face Polish Mask, which is sooo yummilicous!!! It has strawberry extracts in it for that vitamin C boost, and it claim’s to be Fresh’s best seller too. It’s definitely a must try and try hard to refrain yourself from eating it while you’re at it, lol. I’ve been seeing the Rose Face Mask around for awhile too, and i’m kinda tempted to buy it!

The Brown Sugar Body Polish sounds too yummy and i have to say, it smelled delish, haha. It had this sweet smell to it and the exfoliation did its job pretty well. Although, it’s hard to choose between this one and my all time fav – Origin’s Ginger body scrub, which i mentioned about here.

For now, I’ll try the Soy Face samples first and see how it goes. Let you girls know if it’s worth getting:)


Any other goodie beauty products not to miss??? Shout out now!!! Especially any lip balm recommendations will be greatly appreciated:) Cheers!

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4 responses to ““Fresh” your way to beauty

  1. Been wondering about this line myself! Are the free samples still available? Looking forward to what you think too!

  2. Clare

    This stuff sounds AWESOME! Did you hear about Tarte’s new lipbalm that apparently increases the moisture in your lips by 600%



  3. CinZilicious

    Hello RealRecessionista, i doubt that you can get the free samples because i live in Hong Kong,lol
    But i’ll update you if its any good (havent tried it yet!):)

    Hi Clare,

    Yes, Fresh is pretty awesome and kinda expensive over here. I’ve not heard of Tarte but i’ll defo look into it. Thx for the tip!!!:)

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