Trend Alert: White tights/leggings

I’m guessing that all women would have some sort of tights/leggings hidden in their drawers, because who are we kidding? They are great fashion staples that’s versatile and helps our legs to survive those gruesome cold seasons.  I actually went through a hardcore tights/leggings phase at one point, and i had them in all the colors you can imagine: black, dark blue, sky blue, turquoise, yellow, purple, red, dark green, lime green, hot pink, brown, grey, or even laces, and prints with stars, stripes, polka dots, etc.  

But have you ever considered wearing them in the color WHITE? Yes, i was actually quite skeptical by this idea that’s being tested for this Autumn/Fall trend. I’m not really sure if i can pull it off but these are some pretty amazing photos to prove that it can work! You can recreate different styles depending on what you pair them with. You can look classy if you wear them with a simple black dress. I really love the look by wearing blocked colors to give it that sixities vibe, especially when you work with a plain top and skirt. Or you can wear  light montoned colors to give it that soft and snowy feel for the cold winters:D 

So what ya all think? Are you a fashion risk taker?  Will you dare to flaunt the white tights/leggings trend this Autumn/Fall?

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