Yes, shoegasm!!!

Shoes are a big part of my life and it’s only fair to say that i’m a shoe addict. I love my heels and i wouldn’t trade them for anything. I constantly find myself buying shoes and giving lame excuses as to why i need them, lol. I always feel that what you wear on your feet can say so much about you. For me, i love really vibrant colored shoes and hence, i like making a big foot wear statement, hehe. Plus,  it’s also the easiest item you can play with when you’re feeling lazy and end up putting on any dull clothes you see.

Now why am i suddenly blogging about this shoe craze of mine out of nowhere? Thanks goes to blogger Alix, The Cherry Blossom Girl, a French fashion designer that i came across by accident. She’s got alot of pretty photos with some arty work and personal styles thrown into it.  But i was really amazed by her photo collections of shoes. In fact, some poses are quite wacky and entertaining to the eye, lol. Here are few of my fav picks.

Photo Source


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  1. Clare

    I love this selection of photos! Shoes are super awesome and these photos are crazy beautiful.

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