Off to Europe…

Yes, i’m finally flying off to Europe tomorrow and i can barely hide my excitement!!!! I’ll be off to the UK first and next to Denmark to visit families, and then i’m heading to Ireland to visit my boyfriend’s home town:)  This will surely be a hectic 3 countries in 2 weeks vacation, lol. Gosh, i started packing yesterday and i’m not even half done. It’s actually more stressing than you think it is, and just thinking what outfits to wear and what jewelleries, make up, and etc to bring is a nightmare. Then again, i went all smiley when i saw these lovely sundresses and rompers, and they  are certainly enough to make me wanna get my outfits right for this summer vacation! So i’ll probably be packing past midnight as it’s already 23:35 now, oh man…..

Anyway, this is just a quick post to say i’ll be taking a break from blogging but you will hear from me after 2 weeks time. I’ll definitely take loads of photos and share with you all on my great explorations when i return!!! For now, its back to packing, Argghhh…………..

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