Back from lovely Europe

Helllllllooooo guys!!! Yes,  i am finally back to home sweet home. I had an absolutely wicked time in Europe and i couldn’t get enough of it but travelling to 3 cities, and flying on the plane 5 times was pretty hectic!!! I actually got back last Sunday night but i’ve been mad busy with unpacking,  jetlag, catching up with work, and spending quality time with families and friends:) But i should be blogging regularly in no time and i’ll update about my entire trip over the next few days. For now, let’s take a tour and relive some of my great Europe moments, starting with London!!!

So it all started on Aug 1st, 2010, when i was approaching Heathrow Airport  at 5am, and this was what i was greeted by. Breath taking view, don’t you think? The city seemed to be asleep and the sunrise was beyond beautiful.

The first day was really chilled and  we just did some light sight seeing since i’ve been there like over a million times!!! I did the typical Big Ben, London Eye, London Bridge, and etc. As you can see from the pics, the weather that day wasn’t the best! My boyfriend and i had dinner at this burger restaurant called Byron, which turned out to be abit disappointing as their burgers were pretty plain and the choices weren’t much. As lame as it sounds, we only chose this restaurant because the restaurant name was the same as my boyfriend, hahaha.  Finally we  ended the night  with a quiet stroll around Canary Wharf and dashed off to the cinema to watch Toys Story 3, which was better than i expected.

Big Ben and House of Parliament

Tower Bridge

Canary Wharf

We did alot of walking in London and it was totally amazing to explore the city by foot, and  not to mention the lovely sunny weather apart from one rainy day, hehe. We went to this French pastry cafe called PAUL, for a coffee break and i tried this yummy mixed fruit tart. The interior decor of the place was so beautiful and it felt really cosy and relaxing as i just sat there doing nothing. Those are the best moments when you just sit there and admire your surroundings:) 

I must say, i did a fair bit of eating but it was just all so yummy that it would be rude to turn it down, hehe. Shopping wasn’t as good this time and it could have been due to the time constraint or that i thought everything seemed more expensive than the last time i was there. I did get a few tops in Top Shop, Warehouse, Miss Selfridges, and etc. I haven’t taken any pics of my purchases but i might consider doing that later if i’m not too lazy, lol.

This window display of the Kurt Geiger shoe shop in Covent Garden totally caught my attention. It’s definitely a good way to capture a shoe addict’s attention, haha. I even had time to go see this massive shopping mall Westfield, where i did some shopping and came across this froyo place  called “Snog”. I have heard about it before and being a froyo lover, i went right for it.  Unfortunately, it was not as good as i had thought and you will probably laugh at my reason. It tasted abit too healthy for my liking, hahaha. I also found it funny that they named the place Snog. They even wrote “Snogging is good for you” on the menu’s front cover, haha. Incase you didn’t know, snog is an informal British way of saying kiss;)

We managed to squeeze in some time for the Borough food market on one Friday afternoon. On our way, we stopped by another tourist attraction, the Southwark Cathedral. I’m guessing it’s not as well known as the other major attractions but i still found some appeal about it. I guess i’m just drawn to those historical architecture that London is bombarded with. 

 I really appreciate how people bring organic or home made goods and sell it at this Borough market. This place is buzzing with tourists or locals and you’ll catch them eating everywhere on the spot! For reals….

Egg tarts

Beautifully decorated cupcakes

Turkish delights – they are really super sweet!!!

Fresh fruits

All sorts of peppers and olives to choose from

And what would a trip to London be without watching a musical??? We watched Chicago and it was quite good.  Before the musical, we had another coffee break at Cafe Nero to rest our feet from walking amongst the streets of London. Last minute shopping was included as i was trying to hunt down this special Balenciaga “Town” black bag that i been wanting for awhile. I saw it in Hong Kong but my friends told me it’s cheaper to get it in the UK and so i decided to wait. But guess what!? I finallly found it in the Balenciaga shop on Bond street but my credit cards didn’t work as i forgot my password. The thing is, in Hong Kong, everybody bloody just signs their signature!!!! I never ever use password. Oh well, i learned my lesson and now i might get them to ship it for me. Arggh……

Next we hopped on the underground tube and made our way to  Harrods to buy my souvenirs. OMG, that place was packed and  there were people on my left, right, front, and back! Mad house i tell ya! I even tried to look for my Balenciaga bag in Harrods but they were out of black. I guess black is a classic color to get eh?

Somewhere near Covent Garden

Cafe Nero and my usual latte

Food Hall, Harrods

Our last night in London was finished off with a Spanish meal at La Tasca, which had an amazing view of Canarf Wharf, the financial district. I used to live near this area when i studied in London so it was quite nice to see it once again before i had to leave. Gosh, i miss London already:(

So that was my trip to London!!! I’ll have more updates on my trip to Denmark and Ireland very soon!!! 😀 Stay tuned!



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3 responses to “Back from lovely Europe

  1. Nice blog. Great photos!!

    I love London! You are brave to brave Harrods. I have been there once and that is enough for me.

    Unfortunately I have done similar things, waiting to buy something. I’m a girl that likes to shop around. However, that approach has left me disappointed and empty handed all too often.

    Good luck with the rest of your European adventures. I’ll be in Paris myself next week! : )

  2. Clare

    Looks like so much fun! I love Europe so so much! It is so magical and has so much history!

  3. Hi! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Of course I had to “surf over” to your blog, and it’s very good! Looks like you had a good time in London. Can’t wait to see read more about your European experience:)

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