Balenciaga Day!!! ^__^

Nope, i didn’t go off for another holiday if you’re wondering why i’ve been gone for awhile, lol.  I’ve just been super lazy with blogging and been chilling with my friends like MAJORLY, and to top it off, it was my birthday last week so it’s been busy busy busy!!!

To be honest, i’ve kinda kept my blogging on hold cuz i wanted to blog about my Euro trip but everytime i thought about it, there was so much to say and photos to post!!! Hence, the delay, lol. But today i have decided that this is a post that cannot be delayed nor missed because my absolutely sweetest BF ever,  sent me the Balenciaga Town bag for my birthday!!!! Of course i had to share this gem of mine with you all in no time, right! After all, i  am a Balenciaga virgin, hehehe;-)  Oh, and you won’t believe the journey that this little baby B bag had to endure! She was shipped off from London to Ireland (my boo’s home, ya know,lol) and then Fedex’ed to Hong Kong!!!! But it’s ok as she is finally in my hands, wahahaha. BF also got me some lovely roses and lilies delivered to my work, awwwwwwwwww, isnt he just the best??:D Okay, i’ll cut it short and let the photos speak:)

I gotta say, the leather is soooooooo soft and i like how it has this slouchy look to it. This may sound weird but it has this really nice smell to it as well. My friend just bought the Balenciaga Velo bag in Royal Blue and she was saying how it smells really nice. Yes, so i started sniffing mine too, hahaha. Best of all, i love it that its classic black because i’ve always wanted one!!! And that small mirror that can detach from the bag is so cute and useful! You know, like last min emergency where you gotta check your face when you’re on the train? hahahaha. However, i am quite concerned if the tassels will break as they look so fragile, lol. Then again, that’s the distinctive look about all the B bags innit???? 🙂

My two best friends took me out to this really nice and hidden Italian restaurant called Panevino Cucina Italiana, located in Central. You guys should definitely try this  place out if you ever stop by Hong Kong. The food served was delicious and good white wine, where it had a cosy atmosphere and excellent customer service! We were the last customers at 11:45pm and we were making alot of noises (i just opened a box and realised it was my Balenciaga bag, you see) but they showed no impatience or annoyance:) Well, it was my birthday, right? hahaha j’k.  If you are interested in trying this restaurant in the future, you can find more info here Luxe Dining.

My girlfriends were ever soooooooo sweet too, and got me a Tiffany & Co. necklace!!! I’ve never bought anything from Tiffany and so it was always a dream for the day that i could get my hands on their beautifully packed blue box tied up neatly in a white ribbon:) My dream has finally come true and thanks to you  two girls, tak til min 2 skatter!!!:D



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3 responses to “Balenciaga Day!!! ^__^

  1. Congrats with your new bag! It’s beautiful – a classic! And that’s really sweet of your boyfriend:-)

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