Say hello to my “Fresh” lippy:)

I’ve started getting chapped lips all year round these past years and therefore, i’ve always wanted to find a good lip balm that  i could rely on. Unfortunately, i’ve failed to do so numerous times in the past but i think my prayers may have been heard:) I’ve been considering to buy this lip balm by Fresh as mentioned here , and i finally came to my senses and got it the other day, yahhh!!!! Like its other products, it’s a no regret purchase, for now anyway, lol.

It has alot of moisture and my chapped and cracked lips are nowhere in sight!!! Isn’t that just fab???? The good thing is that you don’t have to apply alot either. Just one layer and your lips are buttered up, hehe. I hope this one is a keeper for once and for all.The sales lady also told me that this lip balm can be applied on at night time for that extra moisture and it’s doing wonders for me.   Oh, they even came out with a plum flavor lately but it’s not released in HK yet =(  Hm, the sound of plum sounds really tropical and yum so i might just give it a try when it’s in stock, hehehe.

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